6 Best Cheese For Chicken Sandwich To Make A Great Snack

Adding cheese is one of the most necessary and mandatory add-ins when you’re making a sandwich. You will be lucky enough to get numerous cheeses in the market. All of those are different in terms of taste and have additional nutritional prospects.

However, you can pick up any cheese for adding to your chicken sandwich. To make your process a bit soothing, I will guide you with this directory of the best cheese for a chicken sandwich.

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Reading into the article will provide you with all the necessary information that you might need while selecting a cheese.

Let’s bang on and avail all the information at once…

Best Cheese For Chicken Sandwich Review

Going for an appropriate cheese for a chicken sandwich might be difficult. Why? Well, there is a large amount of cheese in the market. But their nutritional values and prospects also defer to each other as well.

The next portion will direct you to the best six-cheese chicken sandwich you can use to add exotic flavor to your sandwich. Let’s get in; what say?

Sharp Natural Thin 18 Slices Cheddar Cheese

In the very first place, if you want your mouth to get hot-kicked by a strong flavor of smooth and delicate finish, you are recommended to go for this one.

And not only chicken, with turkey or even roasted beef, this cheese will be much more compatible than you can ever think.

Top Features

  • Great Taste
  • Flavorsome
  • Well Packaged
  • Natural Ingredients
  • No Added Hormones

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Nonetheless, there are a lot more significant perks of this cheese. I would love to request you to dig a bit in so that you can go through the top features-

 Let’s set out the item –

Product Dimensions0.75 x 5.63 x 9 inches
Weight7.52 Ounces
Package Weight0.23 Kilograms
Grams of Protein4
Calorie Count80

Before we get to the core, I would love to let you know that this cheese is made of one hundred percent natural ingredients.

This natural ingredient contains cultured pasteurized milk, salts, enzymes, and annatto, a plant-derived vegetable color. All this equipment has been used to make an excellent and flavorsome cheese slice. A full package of this contains ten cheese slices.

However, you can’t refuse to have it whenever it comes in front of you. The taste is mouth watering and mesmerizing and will give you an epic vibe of delicacy every time.

If you love to have spices and things that give a hot flavor, go for this one. But, if you’re not a spice fanboy, this might be a sunk cost to you then.

The milk used to make this special cheese is entirely free of antibiotics and additional hormones. Implies, the cheese is safe to consume from all the way. You can give it a shot without having any doubt.

To talk about the package that contains the cheese slice- it is very well packaged and sealed carefully. You will not expect a shattered package at your doorstep. Neither this unique products’ package would let you. Just order it by looking forward to the sizes, and go nuts!


  • Has the best texture and flavor
  • The flavor has a little spicy heat
  • It is made of one hundred percent natural and organic ingredients
  • Thin slices make sure to provide you with the best possible shiver of taste
  • Along with the chicken, it’s simultaneously usable with beef or even turkey


  • Slice gets rubbery most often.
  • The package goes quickly as the quantity is less.

Monterey Jack Cheese Block by Pepper Joe’s

Using a chunk of this one in your sandwich will make the sandwich worth it. From every possible angle, if I say more. First of all, it’s not your mediocre and below-average cheese that you will find in the supermarkets.

It’s up to bottom jalapeno pepper flavored and divided into some small gourmet chunks. And each of the chunks is more than enough to give you a mouthwatering vibe.

Not to mention, it consists of hundred percent natural ingredients and does not contain any tainted stuff.

However, let’s look forward to the attributes for this one-

Top Features

  • Delicious
  • Appetizing usage
  • Natural ingredients
  • Small gourmet batches
  • Perfectly balanced Jalapeno Pepper flavored

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The tempting jalapeno pepper has made this sandwich pretty much more memorable than others. You will feel the mild burst of flavor in your mouth whenever you eat this.

Let’s set out the item –

BrandPepper Joe’s
VarietyMonterey Jack
FlavorJalapeno Peppers
All NaturalYes

As I already mentioned, it has been distributed in some small chunks. All those are incredibly gourmet and compressed. Implies, it will obviously provide you with an incredible taste.

The flavor it contains is mild. And you might know already that mild flavored ones are the best choice that goes with chicken. So, if you’re planning to make chicken sandwiches at home, go for the following one. 

However, to make your sandwich tasty and gourmet, there’s no alternative to using a perfectly balanced cheese that is filled with flavors. Following these criteria, going for this one won’t be futile. I can assure you of this.

Along with the sandwich, you can also use this very cheese to make burgers, pasta dishes, or even make delicious pizzas’. This versatile usability has also made this cheese pretty much beyond the average ones.

And lastly, it’s utterly delicious. You can’t deny it after having once. So, make your purchase on this and deem the spine chill.


  • Distributed in block shape.
  • Each cheese block weighs 8-12 ounces.
  • It consists of a jalapeno pepper flavor which is extremely mouthwatering.
  • It can be applied with mere versatility and is compatible with pizza, pasta and other stuff.
  • All the blocks are gourmet and compressed to ensure the maximum intricacy of the flavor.


  • It might get degraded if not handled with care.
  • It will be detrimental for people who don’t like to decay spices.

Provolone Natural Game Changer Cheese

You might have already assumed the quality of the following cheese by reading the name, don’t you? Yes, mate! This one directly arrived all the way from Italy. Implies, you can be lucky enough to taste the utter Italian cuisine by munching your sandwich.

Coming to the next part- what exactly does this cheese contain? Well, to be straightforward, it comes in with an 8oz package filled with 12 slices of fresh and natural cheese slices. However, to know more perks on this, I request you to dive deep into the article. Let’s bang on!

Top Features

  • Lasts long
  • Perfect for appetizers
  • Package contains lock
  • Easy to open packages
  • Fully natural ingredients

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These cheese slices will be worthwhile if you’re planning to make a chicken sandwich, calzones, and stuff. When will you be banging on ordering this?

Let’s set out the item –

Product Dimensions0.75 x 6 x 9 inches
Weight0.5 Pounds
Package Weight0.27 Kilograms
All NaturalYes
Grams of Protein5
Calorie Count70

You must wonder why I should go for selecting this one while numerous cheese brands are tumbling in the market.

In the first place, one thing that has discerned this one from others is its natural and fresh ingredients. You will find cheese slices that contain spurious stuff and are unhealthy to consume.

Under those circumstances, this very cheese brand uses the most natural and healthy flairs to their cheese slices. Namely, natural salts and enzymes, cultured pasteurized milk and stuff.

To talk about the package, the following one comes in with an entire package of 12 slices and weighs 8 oz. It’s nearly mediocre because all popular and modest cheese brands have been making their package likewise.

It’s not our concern, by the way. The packages Sargento provides are aesthetically delivered and secure. It has locks along with it and is very efficient.

So, if you’re freaking out about whether your parcel is offered to you or not, kindly order it and honor the power of the internet.


  • Aesthetically presentable packaging
  • It will last for five days once opened
  • It consists of a fully natural-smoky flavor
  • The extra-large package contains 20 slices in the package
  • The delicious and smoky natural flavor has also made it go onward
  • No artificial flavors are added. i,e: growth hormones, antibiotics, etc


  • Not that tasty compared to other provolone cheese.
  • The taste of magnificent provolone might be bland to some of the consumers.

Gouda Cheese – 10 slices Sandwich Cheese

Gouda cheese was primarily initiated in the Netherlands. But within the time being, it has been drastically spread to every corner of the globe. Gouda cheese has been one of the most prevalent cheeses worldwide in recent times.

The main reason for this popularity is, I think, its origin. This has been made of pure cow milk. But now, manufacturers have made this by using pseudo Dutch tactics.

However, here’s to the features for this prominent and famous cheese named “The Magnificent Gouda”-

Top Features

  • Good packaging
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Caramel like flavored
  • Healthy nutrition fact
  • Perfect yellowish blend

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As I already inaugurated the basic prompts of Gouda, you might have already assumed the taste of it. No, it tastes much better than you could ever think.

 Let’s set out the item –

Product Dimensions0.75 x 5.75 x 9 inches
Weight7 Ounces
Package Weight0.2 Kilograms
Allergen InformationDairy

It has an accurate yellow blend in terms of color. This is the real prospect of identifying Gouda. The color always has to be yellow or mild yellowish.

Coming to the next part, the packaging is also durable like the previous one. As both cheeses come directly from the same manufacturer, it’s not that ironic. Packages will stand still as long as it’s not reaching your home. So, don’t get weary thinking of it.

This Gouda we’re discussing has a very mild yet infatuated creamy texture. The caramel flavor has also made it great and good to go with the texture. However, it comes in with a 7oz package that contains precisely ten cheese slices.

One thing must have been mentioned, the slices for this very cheese brand are a bit thicker than other brands. As a consumer, I have found it efficient.

And I didn’t even like it. But considering the cost and overall outlook, this is something you can buy if you have a tight budget. This is really worth every buck.


  • Yellowish or off-white color blend
  • Aesthetically presentable packages
  • Made of a hundred percent natural ingredients
  • Prompting aroma along with a beautiful texture
  • Predominantly cow milks are used to make this cheese


  • The taste needs to be slightly stronger than now
  • Thick slices. Often results in discomfort while eating

Colby-Jack Thin Slices Natural Cheese

Colby-Jack, predominantly named CoJack cheese, was inaugurated in the US. For its semi-hard texture and mild flavor, it has been facilitated worldwide. However, in recent times, the US and the entire world crave Colby-Jack.

The Sargento one we will be discussing from now on comes in with a 0.25kg package. It consists of 20 slices in one packet. Let’s not mention the quality as we already have done it in the previous product.

Nonetheless, here’s to the features for this very product-

Top Features

  • Zipped package
  • Semi-hard texture
  • Rich nutrition facts
  • Natural ingredients
  • Creamy and flavorsome cheese slices

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First of all, this Sargento Colby-Jack or CoJack is made entirely from cow milk. By processing milk following some phenomena, this cheese was made. I can assure you that you will not receive anything tainted in the name of “natural cheese” because I find it uplifting and gourmet.

Next up, if I had to talk about the package size- I would appreciate it. The package is entirely zipped-up and contains a lock so that the cheese slices can be secured inside the package.

Along with all these, the package contains 20 slices at once. It’s good for high-volume consumers.

The flavor is somewhere between mild to mellow. And it has a good amount of nutritional extras. A single slice of this CoJack contains 45 calories. Though, this amount of calories is below the average scale. The average scale is 80 calories/slice.

Anyways, comparing Sorrento or other good-grade brands, Sargento is a bit backdated. They need to improve a lot in terms of packaging, materials, tastes, and in some cases, the size of slices as well. It doesn’t taste so bad and not even that much superior either. I will call it mediocre.


  • No artificial flavors are added
  • The package is zipped up and contains a lock
  • It is made using one hundred percent natural ingredients
  • Thin slices have a semi-hard texture. It tastes mild to mellow.
  • Have an excellent nutritional bonus. It’s filled with Protein and Calories


  • The taste is average. Not that superior considering other CoJacks’.
  • Large package size. Pertinent and recommended to only high-volume consumers.

Cheddar Extra Sharp Cheese Bar by Cabot

Cheddar cheese is much harder and tastes a bit sharp compared to other cheeses we discussed. It has a complete yellow blend. And, this is the typical cheese we used to see everywhere.

To use in your chicken sandwich, it could be a good option. Let’s look forward to the features of it-

Top Features

  • Gluten-free
  • Affordability
  • Lactose-free
  • Extra sharp blend
  • Natural ingredients

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Coming to Cabots’ extra sharp cheese bar, it comes in with a package of 8 oz. No artificial or added flavors are used to make this cheese. And, it has a bar shape.

 Let’s set out the item –

Product Dimensions2.6 x 3.75 x 3.75 inches
Package Weight0.16 Kilograms
Allergen InformationMilk
Diet TypeGluten Free

In the very first place, this cheese is entirely free from gluten. You might be wondering what’s this, right? Well, gluten is an element used to process various grocery items.

It’s hazardous to health and can cause many fatal physical repugnancies. You will be free from that curse as this doesn’t contain gluten.

As a matter of fact, lactose (an ingredient of milk) can occasionally turn to fats and make the human body obese. It’s harsh. Obesity has already become a deadly and influential disease.

Why would you buy something like this with your own money? To get rid of that, you can go for the following cheese, which contains zero lactose and is very nutritious.

Nonetheless, if you have a tight budget, I would love to recommend this as it costs moderately less. For saving bucks, this would be a good option.

To conclude, this cheddar cheese is something I personally adore and recommend to my friends and mates. If you’re surfing out there and finding a cheese to make a delicious chicken sandwich, go for this one without further ado. Best of luck!


  • No gluten was used
  • No animal rennet was used
  • It is made using entirely natural ingredients
  • It has an extra sharp blend that boosts the appearance way more
  • No preservative or artificial flavors are used to process this cheese


  • Takes time to melt
  • It can get molded easily without proper preservation

What To Look for Before Buying Cheese for Chicken Sandwich

Not going to lie; it’s not that hectic task to pick up the best cheese for your chicken sandwich. On the flip, it most likely depends on the users’ discretion.

One may like Gouda with the sandwich, and others can easily go with the Colby Jack. If someone loves spices, they would have already selected Monterey. Implies, it depends fully on the user’s choice.

However, assuming you haven’t selected one yet. Here’s to a brief directory on the key considerations. Go through this and observe things. After reading this very portion, you will be able to pick up the best cheese for your chicken sandwich. Let’s start…

  • Ingredients

Whether you buy the cheese online or at the super shop next to your place, you must have always been looking after this very feature. That is nothing but the ingredients. Many cheese packages come with tainted and artificial materials.

But from my experience, I can only recommend you go for the natural ones. There are many. In fact, the cheese brands and types we discussed above are also natural. You can make a purchase based on our bucket list.

In case you are purchasing from anywhere else but online, thoroughly read the “nutrition facts” label sealed on the package. It contains everything you might need to know.

  • Flavor

As cheeses come in with different flavors, you must look after them before purchasing them. Now, you can’t taste it before buying. It’s unethical. How to validate the taste then?

Well, the same pinch again. Go directly to the label sealed on the package and thoroughly read every detail. Somewhere, the flavor must have been mentioned. I will go for a Gouda other than anything. Your choice might vary from mine. No matter what it is, try to pick up something mild. In this way, you will be lucky enough to win the point.

  • Package Size

As all the cheese slices arrive in consumers all the way from a different manufacturer, the package size might slightly vary in some of the cases. We already have seen the intervallum of other brands’ cheeses.

So, before you go for the purchase, please make sure that the package contains the least healthy number of the cheese slices. How could I tell? It could be 10, 12, or even 18,20, considering various perks. Go for the one which can omit your need.

As it won’t last for ages, it’s reasonable to go for the smaller one. I recommend packages that contain 10/12 slices in them. 

  • Manufacturer

It’s not okay to have the cheese slice where you will find it cheap. No, having good brand recognition is something you always need to adhere to. Going for a good brand would be better in this following perk.

In a nutshell, make sure a well-known brand manufactures the cheese you’re purchasing. In this way, you will be lucky enough to get the quality assurance as well as healthy nutrition facts.

That’s all. Before purchasing a cheese for making mouthwatering chicken sandwiches, consider all these terminologies, and go beyond.


Alright, we have come to the very last of this article. Till now, I have illustrated various cheeses and broken down their attributes to you. After this, I also ushered you with a comprehensive buying guide to ease your purchase. I assume you do not have any further queries regarding the best cheese for chicken sandwich. If yes, then my time has probably come.