7 Best Oil For Frying Corn Tortillas To Have Robust Flavor

The corn tortilla is one of the main dishes loved in Mexico. It is now accepted and loved in our country too. The article you will be going through is about the best oil for frying corn tortillas. We have chosen 7 brands of oils, and each of them is the best in their branding. They are certified and proven best for frying corn tortillas.

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Every oil we will be listed here is perfect for frying corn tortillas. We have chosen these to ease your budget and give you the ideal result after cooking. Let’s not delay and move towards knowing about the oils in detail.

7 Best Oil for Frying Corn Tortillas

You may find many vague arguments on whether we need oils for frying corn tortillas or not. Tortillas are all about intense crispiness and can find the crispiness if the oil is perfect and perfectly heated. Let’s get you introduced to the oils –

Mazola Cholesterol free Pure Corn Oil

The best feature of this oil is it is specially made for heart disease patients. Yes! You read that right. It is a trusted ingredient that makes the cooking tradition and tastes its own. Among all the oils of the Mazola brand, this one is perfect for frying corn tortillas as it makes the food healthy and crispy at the same time.

The more you know about the oil; will change the more your culinary observance with amazing facts.

Top Features

  • Cholesterol free
  • No fat per serving
  • No extra added flavors
  • 100% pure and natural
  • Best for frying, baking, and marinating

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The Mazola cholesterol-free corn oil is multi-use. You can use it for frying corn tortillas or any fried dishes. You can even use it while marinating food or brushing over it before baking. You can high up the flame to heat the oil to 375degrees F.

 Let’s set out the item –

Weight40 Ounces
Item Dimensions2.7 x 4.4 x 11 inches
Volume40 Fluid Ounces

You can undoubtedly use it multi-purposely as it does not add any extra flavor to the food that few other oils do and change the taste and smell a little bit. These kinds of oils are suitable to use anywhere, like cooking or frying any food, as it maintains the neutrality of the taste of the food.

This oil is fantastic for frying. Though you can’t use it for high heated frying, this provides better service at its own best level. This oil is made of 100% pure and natural resources so that you can make the best use of the oil that will provide a natural and neutral taste to your food.

Apart from the cooking beneficiaries, the Mazola corn oil is one of the healthiest oils you can use for frying corn tortillas. Many heart disease patients or excessive cholesterol patients avoid fried foods.

As the oil doesn’t contain trans fat in food, it doesn’t put any harm to the food, and thus, it makes the food healthy.

These fantastic features denote that this Mazola cholesterol-free corn oil is just perfect for frying your favorite corn tortillas. So, grab it now and cook and enjoy yummy tortillas at home.

Filippo Berio Low Acidity Light Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the most used cooking oils worldwide. It goes well with both raw uses as well as cooking purposes. Olive oil has a high amount of nutrients in them, which helps us to improve our skin and eternal body. Cooking with olive oil makes the food healthy with a mild and rich flavor in your food.

Some good facts about this oil are given below.

 Top Features

  • A good flashpoint.
  • Good with regular use.
  • Includes mild green flavor.
  • Helps you get better health.
  • Goes well with every type of dish.

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Firstly, the olive has a high amount of nutrients in it. Cold-pressed olive oil has all of them which means regularly having this oil may keep us fit. 

 Let’s set out the item –

BrandFilippo Berio
FlavorLight Olive
Weight2.86 Kilograms
Item Dimensions5 x 5 x 11 inches
Volume101 Fluid Ounces

The vitamin E in this oil prevents the damage of cells in the body and adds an extra glow to your skin. Olive oil also prevents remarkable strokes.

Olive oil doesn’t have a high flash point, neither does it burn quickly. It burns only after a certain amount of heat which is only a little more than regular. So, it can be used in everyday cooking.

Also, it has a very reasonable price and popularity among ordinary people. And that is why this oil has got so much fame in regular cooking all around the world.

Olive oil has a very mild green taste which is enough for the user to understand its presence in food, but at the same time, it doesn’t change the flavor of your food at all. Also, its perfect texture goes well with various types of cooking.

Low acidic olive oil takes care of your heart and helps you get rid of a lot of diseases at the same time. Getting all these benefits in just one oil is indeed profitable.

And where there is such a great review of this oil all around, trying this out mightn’t be a bad idea. So, check it out as soon as possible and experience its unique qualities.

Pompeian Light Flavor Grape Seed Oil

Grape seed cooking oil is good for your health and one of the best choices for cooking. It keeps your body vessels healthy and fit. The high amount of nutrients help your body prevent many diseases. This oil can also be used for various cooking styles. And that’s why chefs have used it from the very beginning.

Let’s know about some good features of this oil-

 Top Features

  • Light flavor
  • Good quality
  • High flashpoint
  • Filled with many nutrients
  • Multi-purpose cooking oil

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Grapeseed oil has a very mild taste in it. So, it doesn’t add any extra flavors to your food. It’s pretty light, so it may go well with salads. If you like your greens to have only the veggie smell on them, you should try out this oil.

Let’s set out the item –

FlavorGrapeseed Oil – 68 Fl Oz
Weight68 Ounces
Item Dimensions17.82 x 8.88 x 11 inches
SpecialtyGluten Free, Vegan

Grapeseed oil has a pretty high smoking point. Which means it doesn’t burn in regular heat. Your work gets so much easier when you have this.

Another skill of this oil is, you can use it for various types of cooking. If you want to fry items, this oil is big yes as it has a high smoking point. You can do stir-frying and backings with this as well. Its perfect balance and thickness help your food get an ideal texture.

Lastly, grape seed oil has quite a lot of nutrients in it. It contains a high level of vitamin E, which keeps your skin healthy and remains youthful in your face for a long time. It also helps prevent a lot of diseases.

It reduces the damage of cells in your body and keeps you fit. The consumption of grape seed oil improves inflammatory conditions and insulin resistance. And that is why this oil is a great choice to keep you healthy.

As mentioned above, grape seed oil has a lot of benefits, but at the same time, it’s not economically well for regular use. Grapeseed oil has a higher price than most other cooking oils, and regular use may cause issues in your monthly grocery bill as well.

Overall, this oil is a rich and great choice to use. So, try it out without wasting time and experience its varieties of uses.

Snappy Popcorn Nutty Taste Pure Peanut Oil

Snappy’s natural peanut oil is the best frying oil of the Snappy brand. It adds an awesomely nutty flavor to the food. If you want to roast something or if your demand for your tortilla filling is something roasted, then you may try this peanut oil to add an immense taste.

Snappy never compromises with its quality and ensures good quality oil. It is versatile enough to be used in high flame for a long time.

Not only just frying tortillas but also popcorns can be fried using this oil. Many of you like nutty-flavored popcorn. Peanut oil is the best substitute for any other oil in frying things.

Top Features

  • No added colors
  • Adds nutty flavor to food
  • Pumpable and pourable both.
  • Stable enough to be used in high flame
  • Doesn’t get a freeze at room temperature

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Roasted and nutty flavors generally enhance the smell and the taste of any food by giving it a rich dimension. And trust me, this improved flavor is natural. You will not feel any artificiality while tasting it.

Let’s set out the item –

BrandSnappy Popcorn
Volume128 Fluid Ounces
Item Dimensions7 x 7 x 14 inches
Allergen InformationPeanuts

Turkeys are cooked well in nutty flavors. If you are allergic to nuts but still want to enjoy the flavor, you can give this oil a try to enjoy the delicious nutty natural taste.

 Few oils add artificial color to the food. But this peanut oil does not do that. It is refined and deodorized. There are no unwanted allergic ingredients as this oil comes as bleached.

Though peanut oil is available in the cold-pressed version, the Snappy brand provides you with a room-temperature version of peanut oil for easy usage.

This peanut oil is best for using to 450 degrees F or sometimes a few more degrees on high flame up. This oil is money-saving to you, you will not need to use too much of it while cooking.

The snappy peanut oil does not give a greasy oily smell after the longtime marination of the food. So, I must say, it will be a worthy buy.

Oléico – High Oleic Flavorless Safflower Oil

Safflower oil is one of the most used cooking vegetable oils.  It might not be organic, but it’s natural. It’s reasonable in price and it’s able to participate in different types of cooking. It has a high amount of cholesterol but it may only affect the oil overdosed.

Besides, this oil helps prevent many diseases. Like any other vegetable oil, safflower oil also has a good amount of nutrients. Facts to know about safflower oil-

Top Features

  • Improves health
  • Has a reasonable price
  • Safe cooking in high heat.
  • Goes with any cooking style
  • Healthful source of fatty acids.

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Safflower oil has a high amount of fatty acids, which prevents low cholesterol. Although excess consumption of this oil might harm your health, but it’s always ok if it is consumed in a vast amount. Safflower oil also prevents remarkable strokes. It also prevents blood clots and the hardening of arteries.

Let’s set out the item –

Weight3.69 Kilograms
Volume128 Fluid Ounces

Overall, an adequate amount of this oil might reduce the number of heart diseases. It is not organic, but it’s safe for health as well as beneficial.

Another quality of safflower oil is its high flash point. This oil doesn’t burn easily as it can consume a lot of heat. And this doesn’t burn, it’s perfect for deep frying purposes and many more.

It can be eaten raw as salad dressing and in baking items. You can stir-fry and grill with this oil. So many versions of cooking with just one oil. How good that is!

This oil isn’t very rare to find. Safflower oil comes at a reasonable price. This means people with all types of budgets can get this oil. 

It can also perform well in various cooking styles. After all, who wouldn’t like flavorless oil for their food? And that’s why it’s good for regular uses.

Safflower oil is common to find, and it also has an affordable price. It functions in your body pretty well, and its adequate amount of consumption may prevent many diseases and enrich your body with vitamins and fatty acids.

Also, its high flash point helps this oil not to burn and cook. And that’s why deep-frying tortilla chips in this oil are a good choice indeed. So, try out this oil for deep frying your tortillas and enrich your choice of taste.

Healthy Harvest Farm Fresh Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is a healthy choice for oily food lovers and for frying corn tortillas as it is made of healthy oleic acid that is good for our digestion. This acid helps lower people’s unwanted fat gradually. 

You can definitely rely on this. This oil stables the flavor for a long time. It contains a handsome amount of vitamin E accurately.

Knowing more about this oil will provide you with better knowledge. 

 Top Features

  • Healthy oil
  • Vitamin E added
  • Adds neutral flavor
  • Naturally processed
  • Farm fresh integrated.

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Sunflower oil is very healthy. It is made of oleic acid and vitamin E that help burn fat from our stomach area. It is a prevalent oil. It brings up healthy and necessary unsaturated fat that kills the unwanted fats.

 Let’s set out the item –

BrandHealthy Harvest Productions, LLC
Weight7.6 Pounds
Item Dimensions5 x 5 x 13 inches
SpecialtyGMO Free

Everything made from natural resources is amazing and healthy. The sunflower oil from healthy farm fresh is similar to it. It is made of 100% natural resources.

As it is integrated, this goes right for frying corn tortillas. You can fry tortillas in oil that adds a neutral flavor to food so that the taste does not change at all.

Moreover, we have mentioned this oil as a healthy one because not all oil includes vitamin E. It ensures life long, healthy life. This cloudy oil is waxed naturally and claims to be 100% naturally made. The absorption of fat resumption is also a good feature of this oil.

I hope you now think about a healthy lifestyle and want to enjoy delicious tortillas or any other fried snacks. Try this healthy oil and enjoy. You will not regret it, I bet.

Amazon Brand Cholesterol Free Vegetable Oil

Cooking oil always plays a vital role. Your body produces all the cholesterol it needs. So it isn’t necessary to eat any. But everyday food seems to contain a lot of it. A high level of cholesterol can lead to heart attacks.

So, if you are looking to reduce cholesterol, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stop using oil. There are oils that you can use for a healthy heart.

Let’s know more about the cholesterol-free vegetable oils-

Top Features

  • Neutral flavor.
  • Fights against diseases.
  • Less amount of cholesterol.
  • Keeps body vessels healthy.
  • Can go with almost every type of cooking

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Vegetable oils, mostly those with a very low amount of fat help you prevent numerous diseases including lower blood pressure, arthritis pain, and even cancer. They fight wrinkles, treat skin damage, and get your youth back in your skin. Vegetable oil also improves bone health and detoxes your body.

Let’s set out the item –

BrandHappy Belly
Package Weight3.56 Kilograms
Weight7.7 Pounds
Item Dimensions5.75 x 5.75 x 11.25 inches
Volume128 Fluid Ounces

One of the reasons why vegetable oil is popular is its neutral flavor. Most of the low-calorie vegetable oils don’t have any extra smell.

When they are used for cooking; they don’t leave any extra smell or taste in the food. It depends if the oil is refined or not. If not, then a little bit of flavor may get over your food. 

Most vegetable oils have a meager amount of cholesterol in them. And when the oil gets heavier, it becomes harmful to your health. 

But vegetable oils are lighter than others, and some of them have a high flashpoint. And that’s why; having meals prepared with vegetable oils might keep you healthier.

Finally, quite a few vegetable oils can join different types of cooking methods, including grilling, frying, baking, and many more. The light texture helps your food get lighter and makes it healthier.

Besides the cooking styles, vegetable oil is also recommended by nutritionists as its light and has a perfect balance and nutrition facts in food.

What To Look For Before Buying Best Oil For Frying Corn Tortillas

Tortillas have always remained one of the most popular snack items and side dishes in most of the countries in the world. But as always, cooking methods and used ingredients play an essential role in making it more excellent and even more palatable.

Tortillas are enjoyed deep-fried and enriched with a high amount of crisp in them. And about frying tortillas, nothing but cooking oil may get a massive effect on the food.

Essential vegetable oil might work with frying tortillas like- coconut oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, and olive oil. But corn oil is considered the best for deep frying purposes, like frying tortilla chips.

Let’s know about the noticeable things before buying oil for frying-

High smoke point

Corn oil has a very high smoke point. It starts to burn at a very high heat which is rare. That’s why this oil is a big yes for deep frying your food without burning them. And that’s why corn oil has always been a popular choice among home cooks for this quality.

Nutrition facts

Corn oil contains a high amount of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids. It also helps prevent chronic diseases. And using a healthy vegetable oil which is also good for your skin is indeed the best choice.

Balanced diet

Corn oil reduces cholesterol inflammation. This oil is considered good for your health because it can also be used while maintaining your diet plan. So, including this oil during your strict appetite won’t create any issues.

Various cooking methods

Corn oil is mostly excellent with deep-frying, but at the same time, it goes well with stir-frying and grilling. Noodles and vegetables require oil that’s built for flash cooking at high temperatures. At this point, corn oil is exactly what you need.

Oven bakes

Not every type of oil performs well at baking. From brushing the tray to adding oil in the actual food, corn oil can easily handle everything. It has a perfect texture that can help with baking and grilling at times. 

Brushing corn oil on your poultry while grilling helps it not to stick with the griller and doesn’t generate clouds of smoke, which isn’t always suitable.


Last but not least, corn oil is almost tasteless. Thus, it doesn’t leave any extra flavor in your food and keeps it exactly the way you prepared it. Unrefined corn oil might add some corny flavor that is also pretty mild to your food. 

But refined oil is mainly used for cooking purposes, so your food is left with no extra smell or taste.

This multipurpose cooking oil goes well with various cooking methods, including frying, grilling, baking, and many more. This has a high flash point which means it can withstand a higher flame than most other oils. It doesn’t add any extra flavors to your food.

And that is why fried tortillas will be good for health and won’t absorb any additional flavors in them. And finally, these are the noticeable things to find out before buying frying corn tortillas.


I hope now you know about the best oil for frying corn tortillas. Tortillas are too yummy if they are cooked or fried in perfect oil on a real flame. Peanut, safflower and more and more oils are available for frying tortillas but this article has especially made it easy for you guys to choose your favorites easily. 

The described 7 oils are best in their criteria. I think now it is clear to you what you want, right? So, why wait for more? Go, order your favorite oil and enjoy delicious fried meals!