Egg Genius Vs Digiq – Which Suits You Best?

Precise temperature control is the key to cooking the perfect meal using your grill. Whether you are using a Big Green Egg or any other grill, adding a temperature controller will make your job a lot easier. With so many options available around us, it can be confusing which one to go for. 

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However, if you have narrowed down your list to Egg Genus Vs Digiq, leave the rest of the work to me. 

Egg Genius Vs Digiq – A Quick Overview

There are some significant similarities and differences between the egg genius and the digiq temperature controller. What features you’re prioritizing will help you determine which one you should go for. 

For instance, the Digiq temperature controller offered by BBQ Guru is certainly a winner when you’re comparing the two based on price. Even though Egg Genius is offered by the official brand Big Green Egg, it’s a bit more expensive. 

On the contrary, the Egg Genius is certainly ahead of the Digiq based on advanced features. The most significant difference between them when it comes to features is the ability to control the device using a smartphone. 

You can control the Egg Genius with your smartphone, which is what many people seek when they’re investing this much money in a temperature controller. 

The Digiq, on the other hand, is more manual. It does control the temperature automatically by adjusting the airflow to the charcoal. 

You can set a temperature and the device will maintain that temperature without deviations. However, you can’t control the temperature using your smartphone. 

This one feature keeps the Egg Genius ahead in the competition. It’s convenient to be able to adjust the temperature using your phone.

However, with convenience comes complications. You need to set the device properly or you won’t get precise temperature readings. 

Many people do not follow the instructions. Instead, they install the device on their own and end up getting faulty readings. All in all, both devices are great for automatically controlling your grill. 

However, if you’re searching for a cheaper option, the Digiq one will be more suitable for you. On the contrary, if you value smartphone compatibility over price, Egg Genius will certainly be better.  

One thing is certain. Regardless of which one you g for, you’ll be getting your money’s worth. 

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Overview Of Egg Genius

Let’s take a closer look at the Egg Genius offered by the Big Green Egg brand. This unit is capable of monitoring and adjusting the temperature of your grill on its own. When you set a temperature, the device maintains that temperature by adjusting the oxygen flow on the charcoal. 

You can monitor the temperature and get all information on your smartphone by connecting the device to your phone. 

Top Features

  • 3 meat probes
  • Smartphone compatibility 
  • Effortless temperature control
  • Accurate readings up to 500 degrees F
  • Receive alerts for too high or low temperatures

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With so many advanced features available, you’re bound to fall in love with this temperature controller. The heat adjustment is so effortless that the recipe becomes perfect

When you connect the device to your smartphone, tablet, or computer, it creates a network and delivers stats to your device. 

You can even see graphs of your cooking on that device. When installed properly, the controller will give you precise readings about the grill. It also sends alerts when the temperature is too low or high. 

After setting the temperature, the unit controls it by adjusting the oxygen delivered to the coal. Since steady temperature is the key to a perfect recipe, you can rest assured that the device will not disappoint. 


  • Easy to install and use with multiple probes
  • Quickly reaches the desired temperature level
  • Maintains and shows you precise temperature
  • Detects sudden temperature drops and adjusts the fan accordingly
  • Alerts you on your device when the temperature is too low or high


  • Comparatively expensive
  • Might show inconsistency if not installed correctly

Overview Of Digiq DX3

The Digiq DX3 is for people who are searching for a more affordable option. This diverse temperature controller is compatible with all grills. So, if you’re trying to make the juiciest recipes with minimal effort, this is the tool to add to your grilling gears collection. 

Along with controlling the temperature, this unit also comes with loud alarms for certain situations. When your meat reaches its perfect cooking point, the unit will ring the ‘food-ready’ alarm to let you know that it’s time to pull off the meat. 

Top Features

  • Ideal airflow
  • Reasonable price 
  • ‘Food-ready’ alarm
  • High-quality thermometer
  • Diverse grill compatibility 

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The ultimate key to creating the perfect recipe is to learn when to stop cooking it. If you stop early, it’s not delicious enough. If you stop too late, it’s chewy or burnt. This is where this temperature controller comes in handy. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional grill user, this unit will not disappoint you. It ensures a precise temperature of the grill like an oven and reduces your work. 

Now you can enjoy a barbeque with less work because this unit will be your assistant. Once the food nearly reaches the desired temperature, the meat thermometer detects it and reduces the airflow to the charcoal. 

This way the possibility of your food getting burnt dials down to zero. In addition, it comes with an audible alarm system to let you know when the food is ready. 


  • Reduces temperature spikes 
  • Comparatively less expensive
  • Easy to set up and works with a variety of grills
  • Adjusts temperature accurately by maintaining proper airflow
  • An accurate meat thermometer allows you to stop cooking at the precise temperature


  • Not compatible with smartphone 

Is Egg Genius Worth?

Egg Genius is certainly worth the price considering the features it offers. It’s compatible with your smartphone and you can get the precise temperature at all times. You can set your desired thermometer and forget all about it. 

So, if you have the budget for a temperature controller, the Egg Genius is definitely your device to choose from. 

How Does Egg Genius Work?

When you set your desired temperature, the probes of the Egg Genius monitor it and use the fan to adjust the airflow to the charcoal. When the airflow is adjusted, the heat gets adjusted and the temperature fluctuation is reduced. 

By maintaining a steady temperature, the unit makes sure that the meat reaches its desired temperature level. It also lets you know when there’s a sudden change in temperature. 

Is The Egg Genius Made By Flame Boss?

The Egg Genius is made by the Big Green Egg specifically for grills offered by the brand. Flame Boss is another independent brand that offers a temperature controller similar to the Egg Genius. So, the Egg Genius is not made by Flame Boss. Those two are different brands. 

What Does The Egg Genius Do?

The Egg Genius is a temperature controller. It turns your Bug Green Egg into an oven. When you set a specific temperature, it uses its fan to adjust the airflow to the charcoal and keeps the temperature steady. 

It also lets you know when the meat is ready and reached its preset temperature. In addition, the device can monitor and adjust sudden temperature spikes to prevent the meat from getting burnt or chewy. 

Does Egg Genius Need To Be Plugged In?

The Egg Genius needs to be plugged in to operate. You will need an extension cord if there’s no electricity outlet near. 

However, if that seems troublesome to you, there are rechargeable battery packs you can buy. They come pretty cheaply and are comparatively more convenient than plugging the unit into a power source. 

Can The Egg Genius Get Wet?

If the weather is not in your favor, it might not be a great idea to use the Egg Genius. It’s not that strongly built to withstand wet situations. 

However, you can use something like aluminum foil or a cup to cover it when it rains. Using a zipper bag might not be convenient because the parts are integrated. 


Both the Egg Genius and the Digiq temperature controller are great options for grill lovers. If you’re looking for specific suggestions in this Egg Genius vs Digiq comparison, the answer depends on your budget and your preference. If you own a BGE and have the budget to spend it on the Egg Genius, it’s certainly better than the Digiq. However, if you’re looking for better grill compatibility and an option within budget, I recommend you consider the Digiq temperature controller. Both these devices have some excellent features that are certainly worth the price.