Big Green Egg Fire Bowl Vs Kick Ash Basket – Which Suits You Best

Are you too a BGE owner like me? Then you must hate the cleaning process, be it before or after using your EGG.

But not anymore. You can easily make the clean-up a breeze by using either a fire bowl or a kick ash basket in your BGE.

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These are extremely efficient and utterly upgraded BBQ tools to offer increased airflow while shaking out the ash easily. 

Resultantly, the coals are never suffocated with the ash and allow a better burn with precise heat control.

But which one will make BBQing in a BGE more fun? 

On that note, I came up with a discussion on Big Green Egg Fire Bowl Vs Kick Ash Basket.

Let’s dive deep to learn more!

Big Green Egg Fire Bowl Vs Kick Ash Basket – Get The Best

While both a fire bowl and a kick ash basket are designed to create spaces between the charcoal and the firebox in a smoker, it’s an issue of continuous debate to decide on a better pick between the two.

Here’s the quick comparison chart – 

Key featuresFire BowlKick Ash Basket
MaterialStainless SteelElectropolished Stainless Steel
Weight3.3 pounds3.99 pounds
FitsBig Green Egg LargeAll size of big green egg
The HallmarksDurability, Easy cleanup, Convenient handles, Maximizes airflow & No weldsVersatility, Built-in durability, Value for money, Patented design & Consistent temp. control
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Some barbecuers prefer the fire bowls while the others like the kick ash charcoal baskets more. 

But which one is actually more beneficial while you are grilling with an Egg? In terms of price, performance, and efficacy, which tool is a better buy?

Let’s figure it out below!

Talking of the fire bowl first, it’s an awesome BBQ tool that makes your BGE more powerful.

Better smoking always needs a better burn with a consistent fire and a fire bowl maximizes the airflow to the fullest.

Wondering how? By holding the charcoal at the center of the firebox. Thus, a firebox leaves some room between the charcoal and the firebox. 

Therefore, there is adequate air circulation on every side of the coals to let them burn hotter and faster. Naturally, you can have a better burn. 

Not only that but also a fire bowl results in easy cleanup by lifting the charcoal easily. 

There are two convenient handles for ease of use. You just need to lift the bowl to shake out the ashes. 

See, how convenient is the clean-up process with a fire bowl?

Moving forward to the kick ash baskets, they are pretty much similar to a fire bowl in terms of performance. They too create space to let the charcoal breathe with enhanced airflow. 

As a result, there are no leftover ashes to clog the coals. And ash cleaning is equally easy with a kick ash charcoal basket as well by shaking them off and holding the basket with the two handles.

Where lies the difference between a fire bowl and a kick ash basket is the construction. 

A fire bowl features the same hole geometry as a cast iron fire grate. 

On the other hand, a kick ash basket is a charcoal holding basket without holes. Instead, they are entirely slatted. 

However, the kick ash baskets are way cheaper than the fire bowls. That doesn’t make them less effective though. 

Whether you go for stainless steel or a porcelain steel kick ash basket, both work wonderfully well to reuse the cooled-down unburned coals effectively. 

On the contrary, the fire bowls offer some extra durability with a 2-zone heating convenience when you are grilling food for the crowd. 

Having a divider in the middle, a fire bowl justifies its expensive price tag compared to a kick ash charcoal basket. 

But that facility is only available for XL or 2XL BGE, not for the large ones. So, if you have a large EGG, I recommend buying a kick ash basket and saving some bucks. 

And for your larger BGE, you can choose either of the two.

Fire Bowl For Large Big Green Egg

First, let’s kickstart the journey with the review of the Fire Bowl for a large BGE. Whether you need to clean before or after cooking, this bowl comes in really handy with its heavy-duty construction. 

Let’s break down its prime specifications below to have a clearer view of this awesome BGE tool.

Top Features

  • Shakes the ash for easy cleanup
  • Includes two convenient handles 
  • Made of heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Durable architecture with no welds or break
  • Engineered with the same hole geometry of the cast iron grate

Check today’s price on Amazon

Weight3.3 pounds
ManufacturerBig Green Egg

Well, this is actually an ideal replacement for those mediocre cast iron grates on your Big Green Egg which work great.

As you can see, the manufacturers carefully constructed this fire bowl with the same hole geometry as a cast iron fire grate.

Naturally, it will not affect the overall performance of your Egg even if you choose not to use the grate. Rather, the stainless steel fire bowl quickens the fire offering ultimate airflow.

Thanks to the two reliable handles, you can easily lift the charcoal and shake the ash.

Overall, it’s a great investment, indeed.

Fire Bowl For XL Big Green Egg

Secondly, I have a fire bowl for your XL BGE. Let’s look forward to how it performs to make your Egg work better.

Top Features

  • Can easily replace the cast iron grates
  • Heavy-duty construction without any welds
  • Made of the highest quality 304 stainless steel
  • Includes a divider for a 2-zone charcoal burning
  • Consists of two handles to shake out the cool ash

Check today’s price on Amazon

Item Weight3.3 pounds
ManufacturerBig Green Egg

Talking of the fire bowl specially made for BGE XL, it has a divider to create a 2-zone charcoal burning.

This is an awesome amenity in terms of charcoal burning. On the other hand, you need to pay some extra bucks to avail this opportunity. But if you can afford it, you should definitely give it a try. 

Well, the rest of the features are pretty much the same as the fire bowl for a large Egg. 

For example, this too has two handles for an easy charcoal lift which maximizes the airflow. It helps molds growing in big green egg and makes the cleaning ash a breeze

Also, the same hole geometry of the fire grate makes it a great purchase that outperforms the cast iron grate in terms of clean-out and fill-up.

Best of all, the no weld design says it all about why you should go for a fire bowl to make the XL Egg last a lifetime.

Big Green Egg Stainless Steel Kick Ash Basket

Now, I will talk about the kick ash basket that can be used as an alternative to the fire bowls in the Big Green Egg. Here, I have the stainless steel kick ash basket, to begin with. 

Let’s check out its key features first.

Top Features

  • Free of wear and tear
  • Consistent temperature control 
  • Reliable electropolished stainless steel construction 
  • Provides coals and lump charcoals the room for breathing
  • Suitable for a large BGE with 9 and 14 inches diameters in the base and top, respectively

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions24 x 14 x 12 inches
Item Weight3.99 pounds
ManufacturerKick Ash Basket

If you have a large Big Green Egg at home, you should instantly go for a stainless steel kick ash charcoal basket right away.

Why so? Well, use it once and you will see the difference. 

With the upgraded technology, a kick ash basket never suffocates the coals with the leftover ashes.

Instead, it’s easier than ever to shake out the ashes with these baskets. 

Moreover, they are available for small, medium, large, X-large, or even a Mini Max BGE.

Being 5.75 inches tall and 4.25 inches deep, they can hold a huge amount of charcoal at a time to let you enjoy a consistent grilling experience. 

On top of that, the outstanding durability of the baskets seals the deal with increased air circulation. 

Big Green Egg Porcelain Steel Kick Ash Basket

Another version of the kick ash basket for an Egg is the porcelain steel charcoal basket. Here are the core amenities for your consideration-

Top Features

  • Very much affordable 
  • Made of porcelain steel 
  • Rough, tough, and durable
  • Keeps the leftover charcoal intact
  • Compatible with or without a lower charcoal grate

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions13.89 x 13.89 x 5.98 inches
Weight3.74 pounds

As I already mentioned, these are architectured with porcelain steel for enhanced durability. 

Therefore, you can use them for cooking after cooking without experiencing wear and tear. Unlike the stainless steel baskets, they are way more affordable as well. 

However, you can use them not only with BGE but also with the Kamado Joe, Louisiana grills, Char grillers, Vision grills, etc.

There are two convenient handles as well to make the charcoal baskets easy to use.

Is Big Green Egg Fire Bowl Worth The Extra Cost

I know that a BGE fire bowl is more expensive than the kick ash basket. But why do people still use them to have a better burn?  Do they really work?

Well, from my personal experience I can say that they do their job properly. 

As a rapid way of lifting charcoal out of the BGE, a fire bowl is the most effective tool for grillers and  BBQuers.

And having the same hole geometry as the cast iron grates, they can easily replace them.

Best of all, the 2-zone charcoal burning and the non-welding architecture make the upgraded tool worth the investment. 

So, yes, a BGE fire bowl is worth the extra cost, especially, for expert pitmasters. 

Is Kick Ash Charcoal Basket Worth It?

Of course, yes. Using a kick ash charcoal basket in your Egg facilitates a better burn by easier ash clean-up. 

Smoking and grilling always need a better fire from the beginning. 

And a kick ash basket ensures that by offering increased air circulation without covering the charcoal with the leftover ashes. 

On top of that, the built-in durability and consistent temperature control make them inevitable while grilling with a BGE.

What Does A Kick Ash Charcoal Basket Do?

Well, a kick ash charcoal basket basically offers easy startup and easier cleanup. 

Being architectured with heavy-duty stainless steel, they feature advanced temperature regulation technology for a consistent smoking session.

Providing enough room for the coals to breathe, they also permit maximum airflow and aerate the charcoal to light up faster.

All you need to do is to shake the ash to make room for the coals.

Does The Big Green Egg Need A Charcoal Basket?

Yes. In fact, they are the perfect grilling staple for a BGE. On one hand, they are time-saving tools by speeding up the fire. 

On the other hand, they have advanced temperature regulating technology to offer a precise heat flow that results in a better burn.

Above all, it’s needless to say how a charcoal basket makes the after-cleaning process easier than ever by shaking out the leftover ashes. 

What Is The Point Of A Charcoal Basket?

To put it straightforwardly, a charcoal basket is basically a charcoal holder that keeps the charcoal a bit above the air holes.

Thus, the charcoal is not clogged in the fire ring as the holes are not blocked by the ashes. 

Moreover, you can use them with or without a fire grate.

And the built-in durability with the heavy-duty construction makes the baskets worth the investment. 

How Long Does A Charcoal Basket Last?

Usually, charcoal baskets are made of the highest quality stainless steel. Therefore, they last quite a long. 

More importantly, you should find a charcoal basket featuring built-in durability. Those baskets are not subjected to traditional wear and tear and will serve you cook after cook.  

And if the baskets are made with no welding technology, they will not warp or break over time.

How Can The Kick Ash Work?

A kick ash basket is a very good grilling accessory for any smoker. Holding charcoal in the center of the firebox, it keeps the coals slightly up the air holes. 

Thus, the kick ash basket makes sure to maximize the airflow around the fuel which leads to a better burn.

How Do You Use Kick Ash Baskets On The Big Green Egg?

Using a kick ash basket in your BGE is no rocket science. Just follow a few steps and you will do it right.

First, insert the basket in the BGE and then fill it up with lump charcoal. Once you start grilling, you will see how the charcoal basket facilitates steady fire rings around.

Now, once the charcoal is cooled down, you should shake the basket by holding the two handles so that the loose ashes are collected at the bottom.

Finally, place the basket back down and you are ready for another grilling session.


That’s the end of my analysis on Big Green Egg Fire Bowl Vs Kick Ash Basket. Hopefully, you have understood how important they are to make BBQing better in a BGE.

Whether you are a novice griller or an award-winning BBQuer, these tools can really help you upgrade your grilling experience. 

Although both are high-performance BBQ accessories, I prefer the kick ash baskets more for beginners for their budget-friendliness. 

But when you are an expert, you can try the fire bowls too as they have dividers with a 2-zone charcoal burning facility. 

So, which one do you prefer between the two? Share your thoughts below.