What Size Joetisserie For Large Big Green Egg You Need?

Grill lovers understand how essential rotisserie-style cooking is. However, it can get a bit challenging if you have a kamado-style grill. Unlike traditional grills, you can’t cook rotisserie meat on kamado grills because they don’t feature a kit.

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The good news is that Kamado Joe offers Joetisserie for Large Big Green Egg as well as other kamado-style grills. So, let’s take a look at the details about this Joetisserie.  

What Size Joetisserie For Large Big Green Egg

If you have a large BGE, you will need a Joetisserie that has dimensions of 20.5 inches x 27 inches x 2 inches. The classic Joe Joetisserie offered by Kamado Joe perfectly fits the large Green Egg. If you want to know more about this Joetisserie, go through the next section. 

JoeTisserie Rotisserie For Large Big Green Egg

The Joetisserie that Kamado Joe introduced takes your grilling experience to another level. You can now make rotisserie chicken using your large BGE without any issues. The kit is made while keeping every aspect in mind. 

So, when you’re using it, you can rest assured that you can get the exact result you were expecting.

Top Features

  • Steady rotation
  • Adjustable forks 
  • Optimal heat retention
  • 304 stainless steel rod
  • Distinctive wedge shape

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This Joetisserie is a fit for all 18 inches kamado-style charcoal grills. So, if you were thinking that it’s not possible to make a rotisserie chicken in your round charcoal, it’s time to change that thought. 

The quality of the product will exceed your expectation without a doubt. The spit rod is 18 inches long and made of 304 stainless steel. 

In addition, the adjustable forks ensure that the meat you’re cooking stays balanced and gets cooked evenly. The rod also rotates very steadily so that the food gets even heat through all its surfaces. 

A wedge-shaped ring is created to accommodate the rod so that there are no issues with heat retention. You can enjoy the same level of heat retention with this tool as you would with your round charcoal grill without it.  

The price is a bit higher but if you want a rotisserie kit for your large BGE, I highly recommend you consider this Joetisserie. All in all, this is the best Jotisserie for large Big Green Egg you will ever find in the market. 


  • Easy to install and use
  • 304 stainless steel spit rod lasts longer
  • Adjustable forks hold the meat in place for balance
  • Steady rotation allows the meat to be evenly cooked
  • The wedge-shaped tool ensures perfect heat retention


  • The kit comes pretty expensively

What Size Joetisserie For Xl Big Green Egg

In case you have the Xl BGE, the Joetisserie dimensions will be different. You will need a Joetisserie with dimensions of 25.9 inches x 29.5 inches x 2.1 inches. The big Joe Joetisserie offered by the official brand Kamado Joe will be perfect for grills with the dimensions of an XL Big Green Egg.  

Rotisserie Size Chart For Big Green Egg

The dimensions can get a bit confusing for these Joetisserie tools. So, refer to the table below. This table will help you understand which tool to get depending on the type of grill you have.

StyleProduct DimensionsCompatible With
Big Joe JoeTisserie25.9 x 29.5 x 2.1 inchesBig Joe series, BGE XL, 24-inch Charcoal Grills
Classic Joe JoeTisserie20.5 x 27 x 2 inchesBGE Large, 18-inch charcoal grills & Kamado Classic series

Make sure to match the sizes. Getting the wrong size will not only be bothersome but also uncalled for.

Is There A Rotisserie For A Big Green Egg?

Besides the Joetisserie, there are a few rotisserie tools you can find for your Big Green Egg. However, none of them is a match for the Joetisserie. 

So, if you want to get the best result out of your BGE by using rotisserie-style cooking, I highly recommend getting the tool from a renowned brand. 

Getting a rotisserie kit from another brand will not only cost you money but also waste your time in the process. 

Does Joetisserie Work On Big Green Egg

The Joetisserie kit is compatible with all kamado grills. The classic joe Joetisserie fits the large Big Green Egg, the Kamado Classic Series, and all other grills that are similar in dimensions. 

Similarly, the Big Joe Joetisserie is a fit for the XL Big Green Egg, the Big Joe Series, and other similar round charcoal grills. These will fit the respective grills without requiring any adjustments and customization. 

Does Joetisserie fit Green Egg?

There are two Joetisserie kits available that fit Big Green Egg models. One of them is a perfect fit for the large Big Green Egg and the other one fits the XL Big Green Egg. There are no Joetisserie kits suitable for small or medium-sized Big Green Egg models. 

What Size Is The Joetisserie?

You can find Joetisserie kits of two sizes. One of them fits all 18-inch round charcoal grills and the other one is suitable for all 24-inch round charcoal grills. 

The first one is called the Classic Joe Joetisserie and has dimensions of 20.5 inches x 27 inches x 2 inches. The other one is called the Big Joe Jotisserie and has dimensions of 25.9 inches x 29.5 inches x 2.1 inches. 

Who Makes The Joetisserie?

The Joetisserie is made by the brand Kamado Joe. Even though the kits are made for Kamado Joe grills, they fit round grills that are similar in dimensions. 

There have been a few other brands that tried creating rotisserie kits for the Big Green Egg and other kamado grills. 

However, where quality is concerned, there is no match for this Joetisserie kit offered by the official brand. You will also get all the features you expect from a high-end rotisserie kit. 

In addition, it’s compatible with all round charcoal grills that are similar in size. Regardless of what brand your grill is from, getting a Joetisserie from the Kamado Joe will add value to your grill and diversify your grill’s potential. 

How Much Weight Can A Joetisserie Hold?

The Joetisserie is capable of holding as much as weight you can put on. However, it’s the motor whose power is limited. 

You can expect to rotate up to 50 pounds of meat on the spit rod using the motor. It’s also quiet while spinning. The weight capacity is similar for both models. 

Is The Joetisserie Waterproof?

Except for the motor, you can clean all other parts of the Joetisserie with water. They’re dishwasher-safe too. As for the motor, you can wipe it clean instead of washing it directly with water. 

How Do You Set Up A Big Joetisserie?

Setting up the Joetisserie is as easy as it gets. The first thing to do is to unbox the kit. Now, follow the steps below to set up the kit. 

  • Open the lid of your grill and remove the cooking grates. 
  • Place the ring on the grill. Make sure that the name ‘Joetisserie’ stays in the front and the place for the motor is on your left. 
  • The motor will have notches to fit the extra space on your left. It should sit there at ease. No locking is necessary. 
  • Now, take the spit rod. Insert the forks inside the rod using the sharp end of the rod. If the fork is not entering, there’s a knob on the fork that you can use to adjust the hole size. Tighten it in place before setting the rod. 
  • The spit rod’s one size is shaped square. There’s a square hole in the motor that will hold the spit rod in place. Insert the rod in the motor’s hole and you’re done. 

How Do You Use A Joetisserie Big Green Egg?

The first thing to do is to set the device. Light your charcoal and preheat the grill as the recipe dictates. Then, insert the food you want to grill inside the spit rod. Use the forks to secure the food in the place. Place the spit rod in place. Turn on the motor and close the lid. 

Allow the food to get cooked according to the recipe. Take it out and remove it from the rod after it’s done. 


The Joetisserie for large Big Green Egg is certainly a step ahead in the grilling field. It was frustrating not to have a rotisserie kit with the kamado-style grill. Even though the price is a bit high, it’s a worthy investment considering how long you’ll be able to use the kit. 

In addition, the value it adds to your grill is amazing. The Big Green Egg is already a versatile grill to have. Adding a Joetisserie to the equation will not only diversify the way you grill but also make your cooking more enjoyable. 

Now you can serve various recipes to your guests, including rotisserie ones. So, what are you waiting for? Get your kit now and enjoy rotisserie-style food on your Big Green Egg!