Turkey Fryer Won’t Stay Lit (Loco, Masterbuilt, Brinkmann, Browning, Masterchef and More)

Today, I will provide you with some top tips on your Turkey Fryer’s troubleshooting. The most common causes are behind the issues you are encountering in frying activities.

However, you should know the ins and out. So, I have figured out why your turkey Fryers won’t stay lit on time.

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Now, you will introduce your fryer’s troubles like Loco, Masterbuilt, Brinkmann, Browning, Turkey deep, Masterchef, and More. Learn how to fix them by applying our prescribed outlines. So, let’s go ahead…

 Why My Turkey Fryer Won’t Stay Lit?

Many users complained against The Turkey Fryer’s performance. You also don’t know why your Turkey Fryer doesn’t stay lit. This is the major problem. You are struggling to solve the issues with your heart and soul. Right?

Well. Your Turkey Fryer won’t stay lit for many reasons. First, you should know the basic diagnostics of it.

So, let’s find out the 10 most common reasons that you are encountering in the time of frying.

  • Loose /Faulty Connections

First, your Turkey fryer doesn’t stay lit during frying because of faulty connections with the cooking game. You may have a bad gas valve connecting.

If it happens, it will not read the proper signal from the thermostat. As a result, the gas valve is stuck to open. 

Besides, there are thermocouples and propene regulators with control knobs to run smoothly. So, it may misbehave because of improper verification of the connections.

  • The Pilot Light Is Out

When the Pilot light turns off, it hints that has gone out of good condition. There are many causes of faulty pilots not letting the fire. 

However, the most likely culprit is the gas supply valve. Again, a thermopile is a heating element that converts thermal heat into electric energy. Therefore, the pilot light cannot signal to ignite the flame.

  • The Burner Is Out

Evenly spreading of burner lit is the key to excellent frying. But jumping burner is responsible for not staying lit. Is your Fryer producing flame seem low or uneven? That could mean that you have a clogged burner.

  • Faulty Thermostat

The thermostat plays a vital role in igniting the burner. Let’s know why it happens. The bad thermostat is the next reason for not igniting. 

It closes because it exceeds the high limit. A top limit is a safety device that shuts off the system so that the oil does not overheat and catches fire.

On the other hand, you will see there are 2 bulbs (Skinny Metal & T-Stat bulb) here. If you don’t have a T-Stat bulb, you’ll have this problem.

  • Displacement of Your Sensor

A frying sensor monitors the effect of oxidation and controls the temperature of the pan. It also helps to protect oil and fat from overheating. 

So, if you place the sensor mistakenly far away from the burner, your fryer won’t stay lit.

  • Improper Position of Thermocouple

There should have an installation of a thermocouple on the Turkey fryer to detect the heat. But if no heat is detected there, the fryer will be turned off automatically. It protects the gas from leaking if the fire goes out. S

o, your fire will not remain lit if you place the sensors far away from the burner. Move the thermocouple to the edge of your burner.

  • Improper adjustment of flame

Proper change of flame helps to stay lit continuously. But, it is a matter of pity for some users not to tighten the flame. It is wise to turn the cylinder valve in the right position. 

If you make a mistake here, open the regulator valve slowly until igniting the burner. Then it will be off automatically. Besides, you cannot get flame blue until adjusting the air shutter.

  • Deep Fat Frying

Cooking with a deep fat turkey fryer can put you at high risk. Because it has a high risk of tipping, overheating, and spilling hot oils. 

Because a small amount of oil coming into contact with the burner also prevents the fire from lit well. 

Besides, units can spill oil over quickly. In this way, the fire extinguisher is stuck for a while and then the fire does not stay lit. Also, it can often cause fire, burns, or other injuries.

  • Leaving Your Fryer Carelessly

After completing culinary, many of us don’t clean it properly or leave it outside for a long. By leaving the fryer carelessly, the thermostat may go beyond control. 

As it helps to ignite, continue to press until it catches fire. It becomes unfit for the next use because of carefree. Therefore, the fryer may not be lit because of the build-up dust.

  • Not Using Original Pot

Most probably, the pot is in the wrong position. It is another security issue. It secures by setting up the pot on a spring mechanism. Because the springs are used in sensors to check the temperature. Then the heat within the pot will help keep your fry burning.

In the meantime, you have certainly known why your Turkey Fryer won’t stay lit. Then you may find other technical/manufacturing problems regarding models or sizes.

Turkey Fryer Won’t Stay Lit – Now Fix It

Turkey Fries are a great way to taste real turkey without worrying about fat or calories. But in this case, the fire doesn’t stay lit properly for some time. 

Whatever or however the issues, we are prescribing you some special tricks to fix them. 

Examine the Connections Accordingly

At first, check their tight connectivity before burning. Verify all connections to stay lit in your fryer.

Check Your Pilot Light Ignition: If the pilot light is shutting off igniting, the oil does not heat to correct the temperature. It is wise to check the supply gas valve line. If the valve is open or closed. If everything is ok, the pilot light will help to stay lit by the flame.

Replace The Thermostat

First, ensure Hi-limit & T-Stat Bulb ignites if they are secured to the bracket. Reattach them simply. When the tips do not work well, replace your thermostat immediately.

 Adjust Your Flame Properly

It is wise to turn the cylinder valve into the perfect position. Open the regulator valve slowly (On the hose) nearly 1/2 turn) until start igniting. Adjust your air shutter if needed.

Then, listen to the flame light up as usual.

If Masterbuilt Turkey Fryer Won’t Stay Lit

Masterbuilt is designed for fast and delicious cooking. But why your fryer doesn’t stay lit? Let’s get the solutions.

Here’s the solution:

  • Open the propane tank all the way. 
  • Check the gas level in the propane tank. 
  • Clean and check the burner for spiders, insect nests, or other debris. 
  • Inspect the burner for moisture and make sure your burner is dry.
  • Ensure your air shutter to the burner until the flame is as blue as possible. 
  • Besides, read cooking instructions as well. Finally, you would be able lit masterbuilt Turkey Fryer.

If Loco Turkey Fryer Won’t Stay Lit

Follow the below easy steps and your Loco Fryer will be lit in no time. 

You can move the thermocouple edge to your burner. And then we hope it will simply identify the flame and keep the burner running well. So, ensure that your sensors are much close to the burner.

When a propane heater does not light, what happens is that the propane flame is somehow defective. 

Check if the trigger is in a safety position and working well & turn your propane. If needed, replace your sensors as soon as possible.

If Brinkmann Turkey Fryer Won’t Stay Lit

  • Place a center block under the red switch and hold it in the open position, hold for 30 seconds and keep it continue.
  • Open enough the gas valve first.
  • Notice if there is adequate ventilation around it. 
  • Make sure the thermocouple is on the edge of the burner.
  • Check all the wiring connections to make sure nothing is loose. 
  • The vessel must sit on the spring-loaded temperature switch. 
  • If it still does not light then it is defective & should change.

If Rivergrille Turkey Fryer Won’t Stay Lit

How to light your Rivergrille turkey fryer? Follow below:

  • Check the gas flow
  • Attach burner to cutoff switch
  • Adjust the thermal couplers
  • Place and Install the ring.
  •  Warm your grease up to 325° for 1/2 minutes.
  • When your turkey is done, stick a thermometer in it. 
  • Keep the timer turned because it shuts off every 15 minutes. 
  • Enjoy and have a great day & we hope this was helpful!

If Browning Turkey Fryer Won’t Stay Lit

You can simply solve this issue by moving the thermocouple next to the edge of your burner. Turn your adjustable regulator to the on position. 

Then, place the sensors close to the burner and your fryer will stay lit. This way it will detect the flame easily and at that point, you can easily light your turkey fryer.

If Masterchef Turkey Fryer Won’t Stay Lit

The problems vary from model to model. However, here are the easy SOLUTION for you.

First, read all instructions before lighting. Then turn the regulator control valve to the OFF position. Fully turn the timer control knob clockwise. Hold down the PUSH button for 10 seconds and then release. 

If ignition does not occur within 5 seconds, turn on the regulator and LP tank valve. Wait 5 minutes, then turn on the lighting again.

Besides, check the fuel supply hose. & check leakage. Finally, it will stay lit.

If Bass Pro Turkey Fryer Won’t Stay Lit

Inspect if the brass connector that connects the timer /over-temp sensor wires to the gas line is loose. If they lose, tighten them.

Press that button on the timer box. Set a button around the timer so it runs all the time. You can use one on your cell phone to remind you that time is up. Surely, it’s burning now!

If Turkey Deep Fryer Won’t Stay Lit

This commercial deep fryer is very popular for its durability and Excellency. However, you might encounter some minor problems. 

Fortunately, the most common problems that occur with deep fryers can be easily fixed or maintained.

  • First, It is wise to examine the supply line for any noticeable blockage. 
  • See if the valve is open or closed.
  • Check if the high limit switch works well.
  • Simply change your oil filter (If needed)
  • If everything is ok, the pilot light will help to stay lit by the flame.
  • In the meantime, we have provided easy solutions for your fryer’s issues to fix. Now, you can easily handle to overcome the troubles regarding your features and models. (If it is urgent), Contact a professional to inspect repair and handle it correctly.

How To Light Turkey Fryer Properly

At the very beginning, people make mistakes in installing their Turkey Fryer. Let’s follow the instructions properly to avoid the hassles and your fryer will sit in on time.

  • Turn regulator control valve and propane [OFF Position].
  • Turn the time control knob fully clockwise
  • Open LP tank valve.
  • Fire it over with a wooden match.
  • Press and continue on HOLD down the ORANGE Button on the safety valve.
  • Turn ON the regulator control valve on the burner.
  • After burning it on, continue to hold the push button for 10 seconds.
  • Open the propane regulator all the way.
  • Inspect the position of the thermocouple, and ensure the flame has fully adjusted with the thermocouple.
  • Notice that the flame lights up accordingly and enjoy your frying activities.

How To Keep My Turkey Fryer Going

There are some specific ways to keep your turkey fryer running well. To be updated, have a detailed look at the below steps.

When your fryer is in oil, heat on high until the oil reaches 350 F. But if you have an automatic shutter that remains off, look at your timer or to the burner. 

Measure all oil levels. Then slowly lower the turkey into the oil. Notice that the fried unit reaches 150 degrees. It is high time to keep the best Turkey Fryer for your festive vests.

Extra Tips To Keep Active Turkey Fryer

  • Setup it in a safe zone to prevent any unexpected accident.
  • Always place on flat ground.
  • Keep an eye on the ongoing weather.
  • Never overfill your fryer with Oil
  • Ensure to use a dry turkey
  • Keeping wear a protective equipment
  • Monitor oil TEMP
  • Turn OFF the burner before lowering the turkey into the oil.
  • Do not leave it unattended during cooking.
  • Neat and Clean it after use.
  • Try to keep dust-free and oil-free.
  • Recheck the thermostat (if dirty or rusty) before starting using
  • Take Care of Your Fryer
  • And use it after generations.


Turkey fryers are excellent cooking appliances for preparing your delicious frying. So, follow and apply the tips as described throughout our article to get your desired results.

If you are unable to repair why Turkey Fryer does stay lit in no time, call an expert technician to fix the issues or replace the damaged parts immediately. Stay tuned with us to get the latest info on culinary.