Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid Not Working (Instant Pot Air Fryer Troubleshooting)

An Instant Air Fryer Lid malfunctions over time, just like any other electric device in the kitchen. For Example, the Air Fryer does not run well, turns off & on while cooking, smokes foggy, displays errors, and many more. This doesn’t mean the device is wholly damaged or ruined.

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Fortunately, we have figured out why an Instant Air Fryer Lid does not work and provided magical tricks on how to troubleshoot them. This guide will save you money, time &, and from the hassles. Get started…

Why Is My Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid Not Working? [Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid Problems]

Instant Air Fryer Lid is a versatile cooking appliance. But it does not work well for specific reasons. 

Here are all about your Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid issues and their causes. Let’s explore them.

Faulty Set-Up: Your Air fryer’s well performance depends on operational settings. If you cannot set up the basket or lid perfectly, it may shut down or turn off for a while. 

The heat will come out on both sides because of the improper setup of the lid. So, your Instant Lid Air Fryer does not work for faulty installation.

Loose Connection: Again, your Air Fryer does not work if the connection between the Air Fryer Lid and Pressure cooker has loosened/turned out, or broken. There is a bad power connection with the Pot.

Dusty or Dirty Float Valve: The tiny valve means a loose move between venting and natural pressure release. That means it is clogged with food. It is always up and down when cooking. Sometimes, the valve is stuck off due to food debris attacking it. 

Again, the flow may jump over because of cooking high-protein or oily foods like bacon, sausage, and hamburgers. 

It causes spreading white smoke to spread from the pot. Besides, spreading spice closes the valve and negatively impacts your cooking.

Instant Pot Air Fryer Stuck Off: Another common problem with an Instant Pot Air Fryer is shutting down suddenly. You can see the power is on, but won’t run or shut down abruptly. 

It hints your cooker will not run air frying. This may happen due to mechanical errors. Maybe you are applying things the wrong way.

Leaking Out Much Stream: When heating the pot, a small amount of stream will come out from the valve is a normal process. But, leaking out much stream is an issue with your Instant fryer Pot.

Stream Not Releasing Perfectly: First, make sure the stream is being released fully. Then, take time to be cool. The pot provides extra security. It would never let you open the lid with too much pressure inside the pot.

Here, the lid also won’t close due to the steam release button. When all the pressure is out from the container, gently press the tap button to release the valve.

Faulty Heating Elements: The pot may burn food overheated and spread a foul smell because of faulty heating elements. It is also responsible for producing black or smoke from your Air Fryer Lid.

 How To Fix An Air Fryer Lid If It Is Not Working

You can make your favorite recipe in a matter of minutes with an air fryer lid. But, sometimes, it does not work as usual because of some reasons. 

Here, we have found some common issues and provided simple solutions. So, get started with the tricks…

  • Problem: Does Not Turn On or Shut off For Loose Connection

Check if the issue is with the power connection cable. Identify the connection between your Air Fryer and socket. Make sure Fryer’s power cord is not damaged or frayed. If you look at it worn or cuts in it, replace that immediately.

  • Problem: Float Valve Jumps over While Cooking

This is a normal issue when your device is in a cooking mood. But to prevent over-jumping issues, check the normal activities of the valve.

Inspect if it is working for venting and releasing pressure. We would recommend cooking to avoid high-fat foods. Besides, put off and clean the extra vapor pocket for the time being.

  • Problem: Your Air Fryer Is In On But It is Not Working

Unplug for a few minutes and re-plug the cord firmly on120 Volt Electric Outlet. It is wise to inspect if visible cuts on the cables of your Air Fryer.

Re-check that the microswitch is intact. Also, Check if the Air Fryer’s Basket has been placed well. If it does not work, restart the pot and wait until connections come back. 

If you find any damaged parts, replace them as soon as possible. If you have failed to run and don’t have sound technical knowledge, call a professional technician to repair it.

  • Problem: Your Air fryer keeps Shutting Off

Is An Air Fryer turning off during cooking? This may happen due to several reasons. Let us look at the potential solutions in favor of the issues.

To fix, An Air Fryer may shut down due to operational settings or not following cooking directions. It also may be turned off if you don’t enter any settings before starting cooking. 

Set up TEMP & TIME, then press the START Button. Make sure of the guidelines. Second, check if the air fryer is overheated. So, don’t cross the limits of load as allowed inside the basket.

Third, you should re-check the basket’s setting up in an orderly fashion. And ensure the basket is locked in the right position.

Besides, You Can Try:-

  • Check the Possibility to be faulty cables rather than the Air Fryer itself.
  • Inspect the wonderful connection between the wall socket and the fuse.
  • Ensure the door is closed tightly.
  • And last, ensure the valve is open.
Remember: Modern Air Fryers are equipped with an automatic shutdown system in case the Fryer ever gets overheated.
  • Problem: Why is Your Air Fryer Smoking Bad?

When you are encountering coming out smokes like black, white, or blue, it is a normal issue while you’re frying. But blowing off too much smoking is not good at all. Let’s solve it.

First, add a little water to the base basket before you cook high-fat foods. In this way, the excess fat will go into the water, it won’t burn, and it could be easy to clean.

Remember: Do not add water while air frying food. You should dry your moist ingredients before mixing them in your inner pot. Spray the spices carefully. 

Second, unplug the device and open the window to allow ventilation. To protect against too much white smoke, you should avoid cooking oily foods, or high in fat or moisture.

Then, it seems your foods are burned instead of being cooked. To manage the situation, do not leave the air fryer unplugging. So, check the temperature setting one more time.

We hope these solutions will do better with your cooking. If the tips do not work, there may be an electrical problem. Consider buying a new Air Fryer.

A Few Extra Tips For You

  • If your fryer is not heating, look at the manual on how to set the temperature. 
  • Make Sure the Base Unit/Outer Pot is empty and clean
  • Decrease Your Foods Beforehand
  • Just Spray a Thin Layer of high-quality oil to get the best result.
  • Check Technical and Manufacturing Defects 
  • Reset Your Air Fryer Manually
  • To keep best practices, clean your Air Fryer after completing cooking.

Instant Pot Duo Crisp Air Fryer Lid Not Working – Let’s Solve It 

An Instant Air Fryer and Instant Pot Duo Crisp malfunctioning reasons are the same. So, there is no significant difference between these electric cooking devices. Yet, we pay heed to why your Duo Air Fryer Lid is not working.

Let’s Have The Solution: 

First, reset the factory button to set it. When your Instant Pot Duo pot is in the OFF mood, Press & hold the ADJUST button for 3 seconds.

Then, Open the pot & ensure there is sufficient liquid. It won’t pressurize if too much liquid has evaporated. Add some extra liquidity if needed for your crispy recipe. 

Then, close the instant pot and resume pressure cooking. Move the steam release handle through the venting position if you face trouble closing the lid.

  • Check If the Float Valve is stuck
  • Investigate if the Sealing Ring is dirty or cracked.

 Instant Pot Air Fryer Won’t Turn On-Let’s Fix It

You have completed the basic diagnostic, but you can’t figure out why it is not turning on. There are reasons behind it. Let’s Get Started… 

Here’s The Solution – 

  • First, check the socket. If it works well, then the Plug fuse may have gone off. If you don’t know how to change a fuse, take a configuration view, or replace a new power cord.
  • Secondly, check the power cable cord, and head, for any damages or cuts. Switch off the appliance plug for 10-15 minutes and plugin it again. Place the basket in the proper position.
  • Finally, try to set up the instant pot in other outlets. Hopefully, this will work well.

Otherwise, call in a professional and let an expert handle your Air Fryer’s issue.

  Is Your Instant Pot Air Fryer Pot Error?

What is the cause for displaying pot error? We have traced a faulty pressure sensor that your instant pot can’t cover. Probably, a little food or debris has got stuck between the plate and the sensor.

If you get the error after checking the vent release valve and the screen displays ‘BURN’ or C7. Ensure the minimum amount of liquid for pressure. Again, when it displays C1, C2 & C6 errors, unplug it instantly.

  • Avoid overheating if needed. Turn off the pot for a while.
  • Make sure your Air Fryer pot can detect the inner pot.
  • Ensure that the inner pot has a stainless steel insert.
  • Never use a ceramic insert with your air pot.
  • Even if it is needed, replace the sensor.
  • After all, you can restart your device for better performance.

If there is trouble resulting from the electric function. Don’t try repairing it by yourself, this may cause more damage to you. Call immediately for customer help.

Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid Won’t Close-What To Do?

To close your pot’s lid, you should take the following steps.

  • Check the Float Valve (Pressure Valve) and the small button near the release valve. If it is seen up, push it down.
  • Inspect the pin to see whether it is preventing connecting the socket.
  • Again, make sure that the basket is filled to the maximum level.
  • Place the lid onto the Instant Pot base with the small bar that is above the right side of the control panel.
  • You will hear a tune (if the volume is on).
  • Move the lid clockwise until hearing another tune.
  • Now, the lid will be closed

In summary, ensure there are no obstructions to the lid closing properly.

Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid Not Connecting – How To Connect?

Most people make mistakes here to connect it properly.

  1. Do not press the START button rather, set the temperature and time, then push the START button.
  2. Never put the hot lid on the counter, put it on correctly.
  3. Do not plug your instant pot or shake so forcefully.

Air Fryer Lid Won’t Lock – How To Fix It?

Here are some best fixes tips you can lock the lid easily.

  • First of all, make sure that the instant pot base is placed properly. 
  • Then, Check if the Instant Pot Lid Locking Pin is Stuck. 
  • Next, you need to open the vent and ensure the remaining steam escapes out. 
  • Then, just use a chopstick for tapping the locking pin & then place it back in once it’s fixed in place.
  • If the locking pin is stuck with the lid, which will require twisting the lid. This would ideally solve your issue. Look out if the debris has stuck in it. 
  • If that happens, you will carefully remove all kinds of debris from the locking pins. It may happen due to overheating. Pour some cold water on the lid.
Remember to keep your Instant Pot neat and clean to avoid the pin from getting stuck now and then.

How To Reset Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid

When your Instant pot is in Standby mood, [OFF] Press & hold on the CANCEL button until the Air Fryer Lid sounds beeping. All smart programs have reset to the default setting.

Again, to reset the factory default setting, press & hold the ADJUST Button Just for 3 seconds. (If The Fryer lid is in an off mood.)

Instant Pot Air Fryer Instructions

Most of the users have mismatched in set-up an Instant Air Fryer. We are going to present a guide step by step regarding detailed instructions. You have to maintain the steps to activate the device orderly. So, follow the instructions below to clear up your confusion.

  • Place Air Fryer’s Lid on the Instant pot cooker base
  • Place Stainless steel Inner Pot into the base unit
  • Keep the air fryer basket upside down on the stable ground.
  • Place the base teeth firmly on the basket in the groove on the outside of the basket.
  • Hold the broiling tray and place the tray in the basket.
  • Place the protective pad on a stable plane side.
  • Lift the top and remove the air fryer lid.
  • Avoid direct touch with the heating element.
  • Place the lid on the protective pad as long as it cools completely.

Initial Set-Up

  • Connect the fryer’s lid power cord with the 120V power source
  • Set up the Time and temperature before pressing start
  • Press ON or START
  • Select Smart programmed for (Boiling, frying, baking, roasting, reheating, and dehydrating)
  • While cooking, the Smart program will display OFF and END.

At last, carefully remove the food, serve and enjoy.

Final Thought

An Air Fryer not working may make you frustrated, but you have to realize its configurations & be patient with the device.

We recommend you solve your Air Fryer lid’s issues if you want to use it season after season. Follow the troubleshooting steps; we described throughout the article. 

Then, if you have difficulties with your model, the provided manual would be the best reference.

However, if you do not have sound knowledge of how to fix it, don’t hesitate to contact a professional or customer support to repair your Air Fryer Lid.