Bear Mountain Pellets Vs Lumberjack – Everything You Should Know!

For getting a perfect and blended taste in your smoked meat, there is no alternative to using wood-based pellets while smoking. Now, you would be lucky enough to manage yourself getting umpteenth of pellets that are widespread in the market. 

Amongst them, Lumberjack and Bear Mountain are the most superior ones. However, they have some pseudo flaws that can cause a nuisance for you.

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But resembling the quality, both of the brands are worth it. If you’re thinking of purchasing the best wood pellets for smoking, this comprehensive bear mountain vs lumberjack guide would be a savior to you, for sure. 

However, let’s dive deep into the core; what say? 

Bear Mountain Pellets Vs Lumberjack – Which Is The Best Pellets For You

Actually, you’re much more well-aware than me when answering this very question. Because, apparently, it’s you in the end who will be using the pellet and not me. But, I can guide you to choose the best one. You can go for selecting one according to its usability. 

Refers to how frequently you smoke using the pellet. If you’re a regular user, lumberjack will be good for you. 

Because it doesn’t create scratches to the hopper and is compatible with nearly all the authorized and unauthorized outdoor grills. 

If you care more about taste than the performance, my suggestion would be a lumberjack in that case because lumberjack oak blended pellets are something that I adore from the deepest place of my heart. 

It has been an excellent companion to my griller for a specific time being and provided me with the utmost pleasure of outdoor grilling. So, I would recommend this to you. 

Last but not least, if you like things medium-rare, I think lumberjack won’t be that much effective to you. As it burns faster. Following that, bear mountain pellets could be the perfect match for all the medium-rare fanboys. 

But whatever it is, don’t make yourself go with the mainstream flows. Listen to your preferences and only after then, select the best one. Otherwise, you have to pay back for the horrible decision. 

Overview of The Bear Mountain Pellets 

Well, assuming you already have known stuff regarding the differences and similarities and acknowledged them adequately. If yes, it’s time to dive a bit deeper. 

In this portion, I will elaborate on some of the famous and popular bear mountain flavors. I hope you will find it interesting. 

Also, if you’re planning to purchase, it would be my utmost request to you to be a bit more conscious here. Otherwise, you can miss important information. 

Bear Mountain Apple Pellets 

In the first place, these bear mountain apple pellets would be very efficient if you’re planning to smoke high-fat meat like beef ribs or newyork strips. 

However, using these pellets efficiently, smoking poultry meats or grilled chickens could also be done. It adds a very mild and soft-sweet flavor to the meat and enhances the taste drastically. 

Along with it, the apple pellets burn faster. It gets hotter quickly but not as quickly as hickory. If I had to break down a bit more, this apple pellet consists of 60% oak and 40% applewood. 

This is why the blend gets perfect every time. Also, it’s compatible with nearly all sorts of grills. No matter if you’re using a Pit Boss or Trager, the grill hopper will always be ready to swallow the pellet. 

Bear Mountain Maple Pellets

Like the previous flavor, as in the apple one, this one also comes in with a mild sweet flavor. And adds flavor to poultry or vegetables very accurately. You won’t regret having a chunk of chicken steak made of burning this maple pellet. 

Implies, for taste and richness, this pellet is extraordinary and can get you over regardless of your intent. 

One significant thing must have been mentioned, this pellet, aka the bear mountain maple pellet, won’t certainly have any restrictions for getting used to several grills. 

No matter which grill you’re using, these pellets would be compatible with that grill. And maple wood keeps the temperature of the grill consistent all the time. 

To cut a long story short, this pellet won’t be that much futile if you’re looking for something in which you can smoke poultry stuff. Give it a try and get spine chills. 

Bear Mountain Gourmet Blend 

For smoking snack sticks, beef to lamb, or poultry to seafood, this could be a homie to you. Because the quality it provides is far above average and can get you over with everything you intend to do. 

It has the very least amount of moisture regain percentage, which is why it gets burned more effectively. For outdoor grilling or camping inside the deep wood, it will facilitate all your traumas and give you massive ease while smoking.

All these pellets I have elaborated on here are top-notch and can get your tasks done. Get yourself one of these as soon as possible and feel the beauty of using wood-based pellets. 

Overview Of The Lumberjack BBQ Pellets

Now it’s time to flip the coin. And we got nothing but the fancy and distinctive pellet brand Lumberjack. 

First of all, this brand is too unique and original to supply pellets worldwide. And has a pervasive amount of loyal customers throughout the entire world. This has made the brand go on top of the notch.

However, let’s get to some of the prominent flavors that lumberjack makes. 

Lumberjack Competition Blend Maple Pellets

Though they named it maple blend, this pellet is made using three different varieties of flavors. Those are maple, cherry and hickory. As the maple percentage is more substantial than the other two, it got named the maple pellet. 

Long story short, you would be able to use this pellet to grill or smoke anything. Yes, you heard that right.

As with the other pellets we have discussed above, this also comes in a 20lbs package and can get you over no matter what type of grilling you are wondering about. And the taste and aroma it provides are indeed out of the world. Well, this pretty much sums it up. 

Lumberjack Hickory Pellets 

As a matter of fact, hickory pellets are more potent than other blends or flavors. As it’s strong, it leaves a rigorous taste to the meal. Some consumers might not like that smell. 

The vice-versa can also be applicable. This is why hickory has been a lowkey choice for users for an extended amount of time.

However, don’t get confused by its name. As it contains “blend” in it, it doesn’t mean that it always gets blended with impurities and is degraded in quality. No, that’s not exactly how it came up. 

It consists of 100% natural and premium hardwoods. And obviously, they will be compatible with the grill you’re using. 

However, it’s not always mandatory to use pellets. But if you do, get yourself the overpowered one. Why waste your bucks on some mediocre and moderate ones? 

However, it consists of an exact percentage of 100% hickory inside it. No artificial preservatives are added here. And the package size is 20lbs as the previous ones. 

If you’re planning to smoke a more significant cut of meat outdoors, I would cordially suggest you go for these pellets. Because, for smoking more significant cuts, these pellets are specialized. It will be worth it, trust me. 

Lumberjack Oak Grilling Pellets 

Oak pellets aren’t that strong like hickory. And not light as apple or maple. It is halfway. This is why the oak could be an excellent replacement for the hickory or the apple. If you love fanboying about the mild and sweet taste, I would love to suggest this. 

However, it comes in with a portable package of 20lbs. Made of 100% pure oak and has no other additives or impurities attached to the pellet. In terms of color, it’s a bit blackish than other pellets. 

This specific attribute could be a great perk to identify lumberjack oak grilling pellets. And you can use it to smoke or grill seafood, poultry, lamb, beef and any kind of red meat. 

If you’ve already been baffled about which one to buy, I would love you to request to think more gently and go for any ones because every pellet I discussed is top-notch. Implies, it won’t be a bad investment for sure. 

But one thing must have been considered: the flavor and the dealer. If you ever get stuck in this forever transcending loophole, your sufferings will get no bound. Otherwise, you’re okay to be good to go. 

Difference Between Bear Mountain Pellets And Lumberjack

Pellets matter a lot while you’re smoking stuff. It’s not about taste all the time. Apart from the taste and aroma, they can render you with an ample amount of ease or even disguise. 

So, it’s better to choose the perfect one only after validating all perks in the first place. Following that, here’s the difference between the mighty bear mountain pellets and lumberjack. 

I hope it will facilitate your purchasing process and give you the required efficiency. 

Amount of Ashes

In terms of Lumberjack, it produces less amount of ashes. In contrast, the bear mountain can screw you up with the amount of dust it begets. Now, you might be wondering if it won’t be a concern to you. But, if you can manage to think out of the box, you will get the answer.

Apparently, cleaning the dust that comes out of pellets is a very hectic chore. It often lowers the smoking efficiency and can create many fatal mechanical repugnancies to the smoker. So, I will always prefer to use the specific one which creates fewer specks of dust. 

Country of Origin 

The brand Lumberjack was first initiated in Northwest Wisconsin, located in the US. For rendering the wood pellet industry with an additional boost-up, some professional loggers have discovered and planned to start manufacturing premium wood pellets and later named the brand Lumberjack. 

In contrast, the Bear Mountain has also been originated from the US, but in a different state. In the Pacific Northwest countryside, the brand was initiated in 1990. 

It has been serving the entire world with the best quality hardwood pellets that add mouthwatering and delicious flavor to the smoked meat and don’t harm nature at all.


According to experts, using Lumberjack won’t cause any problem for your smoker. Not only pellet smokers, but the hardwood lumberjack pellets are also equally compatible with all the electric grills, kamado and charcoal grills. 

But in terms of the bear mountain pellet, experts only instruct using them in authorized and good-grade branded grills. 

So, if you have a lowkey non-brand grill, you might not be able to use the bear mountain in that. You can certainly use it, but that’s not recommended in any event. 

Moisture Content

This term refers to the amount of vapor your pellets can intake in them. Implies, the higher the moisture content, the lower the efficiency. In that regard, lumberjack pellets have a shallow moisture content (5%), burning more drastically and producing good smoke while grilling.

Into the bargain, the bear mountain pellets have comparatively high moisture regain that often refrains the pellets from burning adequately. 

The percentage is not that high, but a bit above the average. This “a bit” often results in significant variations in taste and delicacy. 

Burning Rate 

Lumberjack wood pellets burn faster if we compare them with the bear mountain. Apparently, there’s a fixed standard of burning rate. Typical hardwood pellets burn at 8500 BTU/ 1lbs. 

If I demonstrate, a one-pound bag of lumberjack will get burnt within 30 minutes. If we calculate it in hours, it will take one hour to burn 2lbs of lumberjack pellets.

In contrast, the bear mountain has a lower burning rate. It would take an entire hour to finish burning 3lbs of bear mountain pellets. You must have got the distinction now, don’t you? 

Nonetheless, Both brands are equally the same quality and steadfastness. But the above distinctions have torn apart the whole fanbase of hardwood pellets. 

One may like the lumberjack for its burning capacity, and the other might be planning to get into bear mountain for its distinctive compatibility. 

No matter what, these illustrated differences must be in your mind while picking up a bag of pellets next time. That’s where the fruition of this piece lies. 

Similarities Between Bear Mountain Pellets And Lumberjack

However, as you already know, the differences I illustrated upwards- now it’s time to observe some of the key similarities worth considering. However, both brands share very mediocre and a wide range of similarities. 

But, if you look from the buyer’s point of view, all these are very important. Let’s jump right in. 


To be precise, both brands are imploded at one point, which is nothing but delivering natural hardwood pellets to the users. 

No matter what, whether you use lumberjack or bear mountain, you will indeed be delivered with the fresh and natural quality hardwood pellets that have been extracted from the deep woods. 

And most certainly, any of these two pellets add artificial ingredients that can harm the meal or even the user. Along with this utter fact, all the pellets are environmentally friendly. So, it’s pretty much worth it. 


The most popular and demandable package is the 20lbs one. For both of the brands. However, a 40 lbs bag is also available, but not as popular as the other one. 

Because the 20lbs bag provides the user with the utmost portability, you can also carry the bag and make delicious dishes outside your home if you’re planning to camp outside your place. 


Both of the pellets have nearly the same diameter. That being the case, they burn relatively faster compared to other pellets. This has been a concern to most of the wood-based pellet users. Often they scour everywhere and try to find the perfect thickness, and most of the time get baffled. 

Apparently, the thicker the pellet, the more time it will need to get fumed and the less efficiency you’ll get out of the pellet. 

So, it’s always better to go for the medium-thick type of pellets. Following this very consequence, both pellets are on top of the notch. 


Both brands’ pellets are equally rich and superior in terms of flavor. You would be able to get a very delicate and mouth-watering whisk of taste every time after smoking with lumberjack or bear mountain because the hardwood pellets will process your meat very gently and with luscious flavors. 

If you’re looking for taste and richness, there’s no alternative to having them. For roasting, grilling, BBQing or even smoking, you will be rendered with excellent and rich flavor every time using these pellets. 

Wide Range of Variations

Lumberjack provides apple, hickory, cherry, pecan and mesquite pellets. The bear mountain also has the same variations when it comes to variations. Both brands share another standard signature pellet that is also worth using in the pellet grill. 

All these variations will get you covered no matter what your intent is. If you’re planning to smoke beef, you can burn everything except the applewood as it combines other flavors simultaneously. 

For seafood, the mesquite and signature pellets are efficient to use. And a lot more. My point is, no matter what you’re going to smoke, you will be lucky enough to get yourself the desired pellet for getting over the task. And that’s the mere beauty. 

Nonetheless, if you can omit the differences and look forward to the similarities closely, you will get much more fascinated, that is for sure. Because the similarities these brands share are up above the borderline and certainly way too aesthetic. 

I would request you to validate a little more about the attributes before purchasing pellets. In this way, you will be able to get the most benefit. 


We have come to the end of this article. I have elaborated on the differences and similarities of bear mountain pellets vs lumberjack to you. And alongside, described several perks about some of the prominent flavors from both brands. Now, it’s time to pack my bag. 

Before going, I would love to recommend you to read this article one more time to get yourself things more precisely that you might have missed. No worries at all. And share this guide with your friends and mates and enjoy outdoor grilling to its fullest in the upcoming winter. 

All the very best to you. Happy Smoking!