5 Best Casings For Snack Sticks Including Buying Guide

Snack sticks are alike sausages. But they are way too thin than the regular size of sausages. As they are thin and come in with a smart shape, a good and firm casing is needed to maintain that shape. 

However, if you’re planning to purchase the best casings for snack sticks, you can go through this article. I’ve tried to render a complete guide here.

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If you want to jump into the depth of the information of casings for snack sticks, then you have come to the right article to readout. These casings are natural products that will surely help your snack sticks to get in a firm shape.

Best Casings For Snack Sticks Reviewed

Snack sticks come up in so many different styles. Some are colored, some seem transparent, some are edible and bound on one side and some are non-edible and bound on both sides. 

Let’s get you to know the 5 best casings that will make your snack stick perfect.

Smoked Mahogany Edible Snack Sticks Casing

The traditional collagen casings are always better than non-edible snack casings. This snack stick casing is made of beef protein but is suitable for sheep meat casing. 

The Mahogany edible snack stick casings are good for smoky flavored casings. These are durable for a long time and these make tendered snack sticks without any doubt. And this is why they are named edible casings. 

This natural snack stick casing is free from any kind of health hazards.

You may need a 16 or 17 mm stuffer tube to fill the crushed meat into the casing to let it take its expected shape.

 Top Features

  • Beef protein casing
  • Uniform sized casing
  • Can carry 13 pounds
  • Easy stuffing capability
  • No preparation is needed

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Item Weight2.4 Ounces
Size17mm & 19mm
Package Weight0.07 Kilograms
Package TypeBag
Unit Count2.0 Count

If you use the filled casing in a smoker, it will not shrink out the fat of the meat as it is super durable enough and it does not have extra poked holes to do so even.

You will not need to take any extra preparation before using this casing. Maybe you just need a stuffer. Collagen casings are too natural and not so firm like steel. It is stretchy too. 

This 11 inches snack stick casing is an ideal size casing you may find. I would suggest you refrigerate the casing a few hours before putting the meat in it. This will lessen it from getting shrunk. 

The casing is made of beef protein. You can put beef or sheep meat in it easily. This snack stick casing is 30% more moisturized so that the meat can stay tendered after cooking too. Protein coating gives you healthy portions as food.


  • Easy usage with no extra holes
  • The protein-based casing makes the food healthy.


  • Sometimes it doesn’t cooperate with the stuffer.
  • It is time-consuming as you need to refrigerate the casing first.

Edible Collagen Casing For Snack Stick

If you are searching for any snack stick casing that can be used for homely purposes, then you have come to know about the right place. One of the good qualities about this casing is, it also has the exact size stuffer tube as well. 

The company ‘Smokehouse’ is always famous for its naturality and honesty. 

The snack stick casing from the Smokehouse is 100% edible as these are made of 100% fresh natural ingredients. Its naturality makes it unique from others.

Top features

  • Easy usage
  • 100% edible product
  • Comes up as 5 strands
  • Fresh and natural enough
  • Works perfectly on 155 F heat in the cooking

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BrandSmokehouse Chef
Size21 mm
Can Produce25 lbs
Made inUSA

The Edible collagen casing for the snack stick comes in 5 strands altogether. The more the strands, the better amount of meat can be stored, right? You can use it in a pepperoni shape or regular snack stick shape. 

Smokehouse never compromises the quality of its products. The snack stick casings are super fresh and natural. A 21 mm stuffer tube is just perfect for these snack stick casings to be filled. You can then cook it in a smoker or something.

Sometimes people get confused about the temperature they may need for cooking the snack sticks with proper casing with tight bounds so that the meat fat doesn’t shrink at all. It is best to cook it on high flame or high pressure to get smoked or grilled.


  • Fresh product and easy to use.
  • Perfectly goes with its individual meat stuffer.


  • Sometimes the outer portion may get teared up.
  • The coating gets slightly rough and detached after cooking.

Collagen Snack Sticks Casings By Smokehouse Chef

This is another sufficient product from the Smokehouse chef. Collagen snack stick casings are always wonderful for their tenderness and slightly stretchy quality. This casing is specially made of beef meat. 

You may think that this product is a bit tougher to use than others according to other reviews. But actually, it is not. Let me clear your confusion.

Top Features

  • Made for beef 
  • Good packaging
  • Collagen casings
  • Perfect for smoking
  • Branded quality product

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BrandSmokehouse Chef
Package Weight0.26 Kilograms
Unit Count2.00 Count
Item FormStick

It will give a good service and will save your cooking time too as it covers more meat than others. That is why I would suggest using this casing for once.

Collagen casings contain the great value of food and they are pretty easy to cook. They are made of stretchy material so if you need to adjust the casing a lot while stuffing meat, you can do it easily.

Smokehouse chef is a brand itself in the world of food. It is known for its great quality food. Apart from getting wrinkly, it is really good in quality.

The special thing about it is, it is made for beef only. You can stuff beef in it and create any shape like pepperoni or venison or even snack sticks about which we have been talking about for so long.

It is one of the perfectly packaged snack stick casings you can ever ask for. It comes up again with 5 strands where you can cover nearly 25gms of meat in each. 


  • Beef specialty casing.
  • Perfect for smoking anytime.


  • Gets hard after cooking.
  • Casing inside it is slightly tougher than others.

Clear & Edible Collagen Fresh Casing

Snack stick casings are found both edible and non-edible in the market. Among varieties of casings, collagen casing is so far the most used and common one. These casings go well with fresh or smoked sausages. 

All you have to do is to put the processed meat inside the casing and it will form into a snack stick itself. So making snack sticks requires almost no preparation at all. But the size of the casing plays a huge role in the formation of the stick. 

So, let’s know about the top features of this product:

Top features

  • Fast to use
  • Easy stuffing
  • Easy storage
  • Found in various sizes
  • Minimal preparation required

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Snack stick casings are ready-made cases where you put your prepared meat and it forms them into sausages. So, it requires almost no time spent on its formation. And this is how it saves a lot of time and energy.

Casings come with role strands of varying lengths for easy storage. It takes a little to no space to be kept. So, it can be stored easily as well. Store it in a dry place.

These casings are found in different sizes. So buy your casings according to your choice and need. They are available for any type of snack stick hunger. 

Prepared meats are somewhat considered a hardship when the casing is a bit too small to use. Special equipment is used to get over that stuffing problem. And this gets easy when you have these casings. 


  • High-quality product.
  • Makes homemade processing easier.


  • These casings aren’t totally natural.
  • Keeps all the sticks at the same length.

Easy To Use Casings For Snack Sticks

Natural collagen casings from beef hides are the following subject we’re about to talk about. . Homemade sausages have always remained one of the most liked snacks all across the world. 

It makes your overall cooking process so easy that it doesn’t even take much time after that. They don’t require soaking before cooking also. So this can be your partner on busy breakfasts.

Top features

  • Storage material
  • Smart packaging
  • Found in various sizes
  • Stuffer tubes can be found easily
  • Takes a very short amount of time

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Sometimes, it gets quite hard for a user to find the stuffer tool in the exact same size according to the tube. But SLIM snack sticks have their stuffer tool in their collection as well. So you don’t have to rush for stuffers somewhere else.

This product from smokehouse chefs sells their homemade slim Jim sausages with such perfect packaging and shipment. Which is a sign of a good brand and we can sense the quality from there already.

Left casings can be kept in storage before the next season arrives. It won’t get damaged or anything so you can use them any time you want to.

These cases can be found in different sizes like any other case will provide. But by using this one, you can get each of your sausages in equal sizes. This makes your overall cooking palatable. 


  • Helps get the equal sizes of sausages. 
  • Easily storable so that they can be used further as well.


  • Some sizes might not work well according to a few users.
  • Lack of initial steps might turn into a breakage while cooking.

What To Look Before Buying Casings For Snack Sticks

Snack stick casings are basically a variant of processed meat snacks. They are mainly designed for dry snacks. They are found in smoke color only but they are available in various sizes according to the user’s choice and need. 

The casings are found edible and non-edible. And basically made of collagen which is why this is considered totally natural. 

About working with snack stick casings, some points are remarkable. Because without those features, you cannot enjoy a good experience with it. That’s why you have to look for some features in your product before buying. 

In this very portion, I’ve tried to render some of the key considerations that you must look forward to while you buy the best casings for snack sticks. Let’s get to the details…

The Material

Casings are found made with different types of materials. So these are needed to be bought according to the purpose of buying. So far the most commonly used casing is the collagen casing which is made of beef hides. 

Also, there is a different kind of one which is made for smoking and totally different from the ordinary one.

Tool for Pushing

As mentioned before, the casings are found in different sizes in the market. For those casings which are smallest in size, the processed meat needs a hard push inside to get in its shape. 

That’s why some equipment is required to push the meat inside. So before buying your size, make sure you have the exact tools also. 

Size Differentiation

A user might need different types of snack sticks which depend on the time and choice. If we use the smallest sizes, we may get a very thin steak that can be seen in departmental stores. 

Again, if you want your steaks thicker, you might get a new casing with a bigger size to fit them. Size differentiation doesn’t have any issues with the actual flavor of the food.

Blowouts and Overstuffing

While stuffing the snack sticks, make sure it’s not being overstuffed or having frequent blowouts in it. Unless this might get you in trouble while cooking. Including popping out of the oil, breaking apart while cooking, and so on. 

Also, having a high flame while cooking is also a reason for the sudden breakage in the stick. The flame has to be set according to the size, thickness of the meat.


This is probably the most important feature of all that you must consider. Apparently, if the package is wrecked, then the quality will also get wrecked simultaneously. It’s more or less an utter fact. 

So, make sure that your snack stick is wrapped up properly using a good packaging. Otherwise, don’t make yourself purchasing that specific one, things might get worse in that case.  

The points and features mentioned above might help you find and explore through your choice a little more and then finally it helps you to be able to choose the exact size and genre of casings that you want. 

All you need is to just study a little bit about this product so that you don’t have to face any issues using this. And this is how you’ll be able to get your wanted product.

What Size Casings For Snack Sticks

Snack sticks are a type of sausage. The meat is stuffed into casings of different diameters. Snack sticks are a handy meat snack to satisfy hunger cravings on the go. 

They’re great snacks to take on trips. You can buy them from any supermarket or you can try and make them yourself. You’ll need meat, other ingredients, tools, and casings. 

So, before buying you must have a good knowledge about the sizes of the casings.

  • Snack sticks have a smaller diameter than sausages. So first you need to choose the size of the casings. You may choose from 10mm, this one is the smallest in size and the result is also a very light roll of steak.
  • The ideal size of a snack stick is 17mm. This is the most used size among the entire user reviewed. Also, this size isn’t very thick and not very thin at the same time. A perfect one for your breakfast.
  • 21mm is one of the largest sizes used. This one makes thick sausages that are juicy and a mouthful one to bite. And that tenderness is just amazing!
  • 22mm is also a size available but this isn’t common in use. This prepares the thickest sausages. This is why it’s not very popular.

Depending on what kind of meat you use to make your snack sticks, it’s best to use a suitable casing for that kind of meat. 

Snack sticks are the perfect hand-held snack to satisfy your hunger. And casings are very important in making snack sticks. Casings form the meat into stick shapes. 

So, you should choose them carefully to make your perfect snack sticks.


The reviewed best casings for snack sticks are genuinely unbeatable in terms of quality, I must say. You have noticed that they have the least amount of flaws that you might not find in any other regular or mixed product in the market. 

Slim Jims snack stick casings and collagen ones are the best from all the way. Try to buy the collagen ones. These are one of a kind and too good to use both personally and professionally. So, why wait for more? Just go and grab your favorite casings for making snack sticks now!

And, as always, Carpe Diem!