7 Best Container To Store Salt That Can Last Forever

Having metal salt storage is way too mainstream. It’s popular and nearly felicitated by all sorts of people. But corrosive stuff like salts could eat away your entire salt storage, do you know that? Not only this. The metal storage you use to store salt will undeniably degrade and spoil your salt. How to get over it then?

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Well, there’s a pervasive amount of alternatives to get along. In this piece, we will discuss the best container to store salt. By the end of this article, you will get to know which one is actually the best storage for storing salt-like substances.

So, fasten your seatbelt and get ready to dive into it.

7 Best Container To Store Salt – Salt Storage Container Review

In the next portion, I will affirm some of the functioning salt storage, aka container that will give you massive ease in storing salt.

Before jumping right into it, I would love to request you to put a thorough concentration on this piece and try to observe everything much hermetically. Or else, you might miss chief information.

There you go!

Bamboo Salt Storage Box With Lid

Using bamboo-made salt storage is not something from the ancient age. Instead, it has been a trend lately. Guess what? Using this distinctive bamboo salt storage is rigorous enough to get yourself going. How come?

Well, it comes in with a Celtic knot, various types of locks, and whatnot? You can use it by preserving a vast range of versatility—no matter where you’re keeping it. In your office, or inside of your home, at your table. It will perfectly fit in.

Let’s know some more perks about this groundbreaking salt container-

As the storage is made entirely from bamboo, there’s nothing to suspect about the durability.

Top Features

  • Durability
  • Easy to Open
  • Magnetic Lock
  • Easy Washability
  • Lid Consists of Celtic Knot

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ManufacturerTotally Bamboo
Package Dimensions3.54 x 3.54 x 2.72 inches
Item Weight5 ounces
Storage Capacity6 ounces
ColorCeltic Knot
MaterialMoso bamboo
LidSwivel Lid
Lock SystemMagnetic
Dishwasher safeNo

Bamboo is a lingo-cellulosic bast fiber that is robust when it comes to strength. You might have heard it before, for making papers, bamboo has been used for centuries. Well, that’s not our concern at this moment. But this storage is solid in respect of strength and durability.

You might be wondering about the perks of using this salt storage. If I had to say about only one, I would go for its’ easy-open feature. You might not believe it, but I found it highly fascinating. As the lid is swivel-designed and has a magnetic lock, you can easily open it using either of your hands. Trust me, it won’t even take long.

The moisture regain percentage of bamboo fiber is remarkably lower than the average. Apparently, it’s below the stripe, which we call average. Only 1.17% of the moisture the storage will absorb from nature. Implies, it will provide you with fresh and breezy salts.

One more unprecedented thing is the lid that comes in with the storage. The lid helps to maintain accurate moisture every time and gives the salts a massive rid of getting clumpy over the time being.

In addition to it, the storage holds nearly a cup of salt. I haven’t measured the amount accurately, but it would be almost 95-100 grams of salt at once.


  • Durable in terms of strength
  • Magnetic closure ensures an adequate moisture
  • Easy to wash and has straightforward user access.
  • Has a sliding lid using which you can close the entire container easily
  • The shape of this product is very minimal and the dimension is pretty much good


  • Manufacturing defects might emerge.
  • Bug hatches from the container sporadically.

Wood Salt Storage Container With Cover

This salt storage container comes in with a swivel lid that ensures that the moisture of your salt is neutral and does not let the salt get clumpy. Over and above, there are many more perks of using this significant wood salt storage.

First of all, it’s made of high-grade Acacia wood, which is undeniably durable. Additionally, wood absorbs water as a liquid if it’s in contact. So, the moisture level of your salt won’t get too high, not even low, either.

Let’s look forward to more attributes of this following wood salt storage-

Concerning the holding capacity for the following wood salt storage, it holds precisely one cup of salt. To be more specific, you will be able to store nearly 8oz of salt at once. Isn’t this worth it?

Top Features

  • Durability
  • Swivel Lid
  • Easy Washability
  • Easy to Open and Access.
  • It can be used to Store Things Other Than Salt.

Check today’s price on Amazon

BrandLipper International
Item Dimensions LxWxH3.5 x 3.5 x 2.5 inches
Item Weight3.52 ounces
MaterialAcacia Wood, Metal

Regarding versatile usage of this following wood salt storage, you might have wondered what I can store in salt storage other than the salt itself, right?

This particular storage is made for storing salts and some other spices that you regularly need in your kitchen. So, if you’re foraging containers to keep your traditional spices safe, you can select this without having any doubt.

Now, let’s get to the exciting features this container is carrying. I would go for the lid if I had to say only one. As I already stated above, the lid is swivel-designed. So, accessing the lid won’t be a problem for you.

Sometimes, this creates distinctive amounts of difficulty when you’re in a hurry. But, using either of your hands, you can open the lid in a blink of an eye.

The gorgeous woodgrain of acacia wood has provoked this wood salt container with incredible durability. It consists of a high variation of wood grain and some knot patterns, which will indeed allow you to access the container properly. So, you can definitely give this a try if durability is in your concern.


  • Easy to wash and access
  • Comes in with a sliding lid
  • Durable and affordable usability
  • Consists of a magnetic slide lock
  • Simple and straightforward design


  • No return options are available
  • Manufacturing defects might occur with the package.

Salt Container Spoon And Lid by Dowan

Apart from the metal containers, ceramics have been broadly used since the inception of salt containers. Now, as we already know, how much-tainted metal containers could be in terms of storing salts into it. And, nobody recommends using a metal container to keep salt. What about ceramic, then?

You can safely keep your salt in a ceramic container, but in this case, you have to get yourself a lid along with the container. It’s mandatory.

Nonetheless, this very product consists of a lid that is also ceramic-made. On top of that, it also has many exhilarating features. Let’s get to that directly-

However, the porcelain lid which comes along with it will secure the maximum safety to salts’ moisture and won’t let your salt go clumpy; it’s a plus. Get yourself one of these, and feel the chill.

Top Features

  • Well Decorated
  • Versatile Usage
  • Dishwashing Facility
  • Large capacity (12oz)
  • Porcelain Lid and Spoon

Check today’s price on Amazon

Item Dimensions LxWxH3.75 x 3.75 x 4.5 inches
Item Weight1.08 pounds
Is Dishwasher SafeYes
Is MicrowaveableYes

As it’s mandatory to use a lid with the ceramic container you intend to use, isn’t it superior to go for the accurate one without spending bucks on craps?

This very salt container with a lid will give you the authentic vibe of preserving salt healthily. Into the bargain, it also comes in with a spoon, which will make sure that the salt you’re going to have, is wholly refined and reenergized.

However, as we saw earlier, containers nearly contain 6-8oz of salts at once. Here comes the most ironic specialty. Using this storage container will allow you to keep exactly 12oz of salts at once. It’s huge.

And, if the container is made of porcelain, it would be able to keep the precise moisture accurately. This could be the best container to store sea salt.

Another great perk of using this salt storage container is its’ washability. You can wash this using literally any kind of dishwasher. It will not be wrecked by any scratches. Apart from washability, you can also use this with the utmost versatility.

As with the previous container we saw above. As in, not only salts, you will be able to keep spice and other salt-like substances in it.


  • Porcelain lid with a spoon.
  • Easy to clean and straightforward to use.
  • It can be used to keep things other than salts.
  • Made of durable material (ceramic aka porcelain)
  • Can hold an extensive amount of spices, herbs and salt.


  • Color might vary in some cases
  • Manufacturing defects might occur with the package.

Salt Storage Glass Container With Airtight Lid

Before jumping right into the elaboration, the following product is apparently a package of 14 glass containers with an airtight bamboo lid. Now, you might wonder why I would buy 14 goddamn containers to store salts, right?

Here lies the fascinating thing. Not just salt, this whole package is designed to keep all your herbs and spices that exist in your kitchen. Keep into it and get yourself a good sleep.

To talk about the following one, it consists of good durability. As you already know that it’s made of glass; then again, it won’t be going to be shattered with a pseudo mishap. If you can handle the product with care, it will last longer.

As the bamboo lid is there, nothing would be going to happen to your spices or even salt.

Top Features

  • Durability
  • Great Capacity
  • Easy Washability
  • Airtight Bamboo Lids
  • Made of High-Grade Glass

Check today’s price on Amazon

BrandKaptivating Kitchens
Item Dimensions LxWxH16.5 x 9.25 x 4.45 inches
Item Weight4.43 pounds
Capacity5.92 Ounces
Is Dishwasher SafeYes

For washing this container, you can use nearly any kind of dishwasher. You will be rendered with an utter outcome no matter what you’re using. In terms of the lids, as it’s made of bamboo, you can apply handwash to them.

Nonetheless, all the containers that come in with the package have a minimal shape as well as dimension. The 3.25*2.5″ containers will let you store every possible kind of herbs, spices, and salt into them. And the bamboo lids will determine the moisture percentage.

Okay, I have to convey this. The packaging of this product is exotic. It will come to your doorstep with a very fantastic package. So, if you’re looking for something to gift to your mom, or someone who’s a housewife, the following one could be a great match. What do you think?


  • Attractive Package
  • Can be used with an utter versatility
  • Good dimension with an affordable shape
  • Comes in a very attractive and aesthetic package.
  • Very easy to wash and do not need to take any additional hassle while opening.


  • Unable to return.
  • Lids might be incompatible with the containers.

Glass Salt Storage Retro Style Container

This thick glass salt storage is perfect as well as the best container to store rock salt. You might be wondering the grounds of my statement, aren’t you? As rock salt has a pinkish surface and provides a container with more corrosion than the regular salts, it’s good to be on the safe side.

Using the following salt storage will allow you to keep the rock salts and, other than that, any typical salts. A fascinating perk is the container won’t let the salts leave any stack, which is incredible.

Let’s get to more features for the following salt storage container-

I must have acknowledged that this one is on top of the notch in terms of durability. This salt storage container is made of heavy-duty thick glass, and it won’t let you go down, indeed. Also, the diameter is pretty much good.

Top Features

  • Durability
  • Transparent
  • Fine Shape and Design
  • Perfect for Cooking or Marinating
  • It comes in With Heavy-Duty Glass Lid

Check today’s price on Amazon

Package Dimensions10.28 x 5.94 x 5.79 inches
Item Weight2.45 pounds
Capacity10 Ounce
Number of Pieces2

You might have already realized the importance of a lid concerning a salt storage container. Just to let you know, the glass lid that comes in with the following product is also made of the same material and is very durable.

Though it’s not swivel-designed, it does not have any magnetic lock in it, either. You have to operate it manually.

However, not only for storing salts, you can also give this storage a shot if you’re seeking something to marinate stuff while cooking. Any small volume of meat or anything would fit into it properly.

Implies, it can be a Kickstarter to your cooking process. It’s also transparent. Alludes, you can measure the left amount of salt by glimpsing the container once.

To sum up, if you’re looking for something unique and ‘worth the buck’ type, I will recommend you go for this.


  • Made of heavy-duty glass.
  • because of the transparency.
  • Very easy to wash and access.
  • Can be used to keep spices and herbs along with the salts.
  • Can be used to marinate and keep meat while cooking.
  • Using this, you can measure the percentage of left salt accurately,


  • Weighs much
  • Manufacturing defects might occur.

Kook Salt Container With Clear Lid

This one is also a retro-style salt storage container like the previous one we discussed above. All the features for this one kind of match the previous one. Except for the product weight. The other one weighs much more than this one.

However, this one also comes in with a heavy-duty glass lid, which is mandatory to store salt in a container.

As with the previous one, you can consider this the best salt container to store rock salt.

Let’s get to the features without further ado-

Top Features

  • Durability
  • Lid Won’t Slide Off
  • Heavy-Duty Glass Lid
  • It Can be Used as Salt Cellar
  • Holds Extensive Amount of Salt

Check today’s price on Amazon

Package Dimensions3.54 x 3.34 x 3.5 inches
Item Weight1.14 Pounds
Capacity10 0z
Number of Pieces1

The glass lid and the entire storage container are made of heavy-duty glass material that will allow you to keep salts in a healthy manner.

The amount of salt you can store in the container is precisely 10oz. It’s huge compared to other ones. Along with the salt, you can also use the container to store herbs and spices. No matter what you’re going to store, it will provide you with all the superficial benefits.

Comparing other glass salt storage containers, you might have noticed that their lid slides in every now and then. In terms of the following one, the lid won’t slide, not even for a single time.

It will stand still as long as you’re not moving it. Implied, for keeping the accurate moisture, this could be a nice lifesaver as well as a game-changer.

The container is fancy and presentable all the way. You don’t even need any celler to use it. The container would do the job itself. So, give this a shot and avail all the concessions on your own.


  • No celler is needed.
  • Holds moisture adequately.
  • Holds an extensive amount of salt.
  • Extremely durable and renders users with the utmost vibe of using.
  • The lid which comes in with the container is made of borosilicate glass.


  • It weighs a lot.
  • Manufacturing defects might occur with the package.

Vintage Ceramic Salt Cellar With Lid

The vintage ceramic salt cellar comes in with a ceramic lid that provides a significant benefit in keeping the moisture percentage accurate and balanced. However, you don’t need to buy an additional celler to operate with this very container. Instead, having this one will allow you to do the same.

Nonetheless, this salt storage container has more perks and is made of very premium porcelain ceramic. So, durability won’t be an issue when you’re using this.

Let’s get to the features for this salt storage container-

As I already mentioned, the container is made of very premium porcelain aka, ceramic. So, you can operate it very efficiently. And guess what, it won’t be going to be shattered by a simple misfortune.

Top Features

  • Stackable
  • Durability
  • Two Compartments
  • Minimal Shape and Size
  • It comes in With a Ceramic Lid

Check today’s price on Amazon

Package Dimensions LxWxH7.72 x 5.75 x 5.67inches
Item Weight1.5 pounds
Capacity10 0z
Number of Pieces2

Another great perk is its’ shape. It can hold up to 10oz salts at once. If you’re looking for something special, don’t hesitate to go for it because it comes in with a complete package of satiety.

It also has a vintage vibe encrusted into it. So, if you’re up for adding aesthetics to your table, consider this in your bucket list.


  • No additional stacker is needed.
  • The design of this very container is aesthetic
  • Holds more salt than average containers (up to 10oz)
  • The lid is made of extremely durable porcelain ceramic.
  • Shape and size are minimal and have an adequate dimension.


  • Non-returnable.
  • Might have manufacturing defects

What Makes The Best Container To Store Salt

Assuming you have come to this part after reading everything I stated above. If yes, you might have already selected the best salt store container for yourself. Do not worry if you didn’t select any. Apparently, choosing one of these requires much more discretion than you can ever think.

In the next portion, I will guide you to some key considerations that you should follow while choosing a salt storage container. Go through the below part and avail pieces of information on your own.

  • Durability

Let’s just overlook everything regarding manufacturing defects. Apart from it, a strong and durable salt storage container could be your companion for ages. Regarding choosing the most durable ones, I would like to suggest you go for wooden or bamboo-made ones because they will provide you with much more durability than ceramic or glass-made ones.

In addition, do not select the salt storage container which has scratches or any stain-mark in it. It’s mandatory.

  • Washability

You do not need rocket science to wash a salt container in your core. It’s effortless actually. But as you already know, salt has a highly corrosive property that can gradually eat away the whole container.

So, you have to be more patient while cleaning it. Into the bargain, the container which has easy washability is appropriate to pick other than ones with intricate washability. Following this, you can go for ceramic or glass-made ones.

  • Lid

It’s another mandatory stuff when you’re purchasing a salt storage container. As salt is semi-volatile, it could be washed away gradually. To prevent that, having a lid is very important. So, make sure that your chosen one has a lid or at least a stable cover to cover up the container. Do not select any of the products which come in without a lid.

  • Storage Capacity

This is another obligatory consideration you should look after while choosing a salt storage container. In the end, you’re storing something (salt) in the container. Implies, you should know how much salt the container can keep.

In terms of it, mediocre containers can hold nearly 6-8oz of salts at once. Superior ones can capture more than this range.

However, it depends on your usage. If you’re a heavyweight user, go for the large ones. Else, you can give shots to small or medium containers without having questions.

There’s that. Keep your eye on this illustrated stuff and select the best container to store salt.


It’s time to go. I believe you have read the review of the best container to store salt and finally ended up here. Feel free to give the piece another thorough read if you feel like you’ve missed any critical information. And most importantly, do not hesitate to share this guide with your friends and mates for their mere ease.

Happy Cooking and All The Very Best to You!