7 Best Butter Chicken Sauce Jar To Give A Silky Smooth Rich Texture

Indian foods, as well as their rituals regarding food, are fantastic, undeniably. I feel this. What about you? You might be wondering why I’m saying this. Having Indian foods can be gruesome in a country like the US, located nearly 4000 miles away from India.

Now, what to do? Should we dedicate the craving and wait for next summer vacation to get the incredible flavor? No, mate. Not at all. You can test it by adding some flavored sauce to your meal. I.e., Butter Chicken.

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In this article, I will give you a detailed demonstration of the best butter chicken sauce jar that will reduce your trouble and provide your tastebuds with a famous and rich Indian taste. Shall we begin? Let’s jump right in!

7 Best Butter Chicken Sauce Jar Reviewed

In the next portion, I will render you the elaborations of our top 7 butter chicken sauce jars that came directly from our experts’ top pick. You will get to know about the details at a glance that would help you purchase one for your regular meal. All right, stick to the piece then.

Organic Butter Chicken Simmer Sauce Jar

The following butter chicken sauce has the same taste as ancient and famous Indian butter chicken. Regardless, it comes in with additional spices that you can use for your specific meals. Sounds fascinating, isn’t it? Adding this sauce to your meals would allow you to have a tasty and Indian-like flavor every time. And, the flavor is too audacious.

Would you mind scrolling down a bit more to know about the top features of this sauce jar?

Just to let you know, butter chicken sauce that is profound in the markets is either wrong in terms of quality or contains gluten. Now, gluten could be very inappropriate for your health, and it can be responsible for severe celiac disease as well as gluten sensitivity.

Top Features

  • Bold Flavor
  • Easy to Cook
  • Vegetarian Friendly
  • No Added Preservative
  • 100% Organic & Gluten Free

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FlavorButter Chicken
Package Weight4.05 Kilograms
Package InformationJar

Nonetheless, as your very own Simmer butter chicken sauce comes in without gluten, you do not have to think of it. 

In addition to this, it’s vegan-friendly. In case you’re a vegetarian who doesn’t usually take high-protein meals, this could be an excellent pick for you. Try this out!

Ingredients used to make this sauce jar are also quality-checked and have a fresh-Indian vibe. And they are one-hundred-percent organic from all the way.

However, along with all these perks mentioned above, this sauce brand has a severe problem. It’s nothing but the packaging. Many buyers have received broken jars in the name of the sauce. Though it’s not common, not everyone has experienced it.

Apart from the cons, in my opinion, this sauce is completely perfect and ready to provide you with the ultimate Indian taste. When are you trying it then? 

Patak’s Mild and Creamy Butter Chicken Sauce

The Patak’s butter chicken sauce comes in with a quantity that you can serve nearly seven people at a time. In terms of taste, it’s something that you can always trust. And, it has a soft and mild creamy taste that goes with north Indian culture. So, altogether, this specific butter chicken sauce jar won’t be that much futile if you’re up to taste some Indian vibe.

Nonetheless, the following butter chicken sauce jar is gluten-free like the previous one. So you do not have to worry about the physical complexity that might occur from having gluten.

To get the most rigorous flavor and taste the authentic Indian cuisine, I recommend you go for this one.

To elaborate on its perks, this butter chicken sauce jar is made of natural ingredients. It contains some of the rich Indian flavors that you might not find anywhere else in the world.

Top Features

  • Gluten-Free
  • No Artificial Flavor
  • Vegetarian-friendly
  • Mild & Creamy Texture
  • Made of Natural Ingredients

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FlavorButter, Chicken
Weight0.94 Pounds
Package InformationJar

Nonetheless, as it’s gluten-free and away from other complexity, you do not have to worry after eating a bunch of plates mad of this. And, the mild and creamy flavor won’t let you down, for sure. You can’t even make yourself get away from this, trust me!

As no artificial ingredients haven’t added, you will be lucky enough to taste a solid Indian butter chicken vibe in your meal. If you want to boost the taste more, add some of the additional spices and salt to the sauce. It will work like magic. As well as, the test would be boosted drastically.

However, it consists of some of the deadly cons as well. For many consumers, the product is a bit expensive to buy. And it is accurate. Considering the jar size, the product is not at all cheap.

Along with this, the packaging isn’t suitable to deliver it long-distance, just like the previous one. I would love to request you to think of these terms before purchasing.

Shan Rich and Creamy Butter Chicken Sauce

This specific jar of butter chicken sauce weighs 350 grams, and it’s enough for serving eight people. It’s hundred percent made of natural ingredients. Like the other sauce jars demonstrated earlier, this jar also has a bold and very subtle taste. You won’t get that now. You have to purchase one jar to get the most out of it.

Let’s get to the top features for this butter chicken sauce jar-

Just for fact-checking, do you know why Indian foods taste superior? It’s just because of the spices they use in their foods. Indians are probably the only ones who discovered this umpteenth usage of spices in the subcontinent.

Top Features

  • Flavorsome
  • Filled with Spices
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • No Added Spice Needed
  • Made of Natural Ingredients

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FlavorButter Chicken (350g)
Weight0.77 Pounds
Diet TypeHalal
Package Weight0.77 Pounds

Other historical terminologies are in there. Long story short, the jar we have been talking about is filled with various mixtures of spices and is pretty much committed to rendering you with an utter and supreme delicacy.

You do not have to keep down your craving for tasting Indian foods as long as you have this jar near to your hand. This won’t let you down, for sure, from different types of Biriyani to authentic Indian curries.

It has a precisely correct quantity to serve eight people at once to talk about the size. I already talked about it, by the way. If you want to use it single handedly, you can.

Regardlessly, it has some other perks as well. Firstly, it’s gluten-free like other jars we talked about earlier. And for vegetarians, it could be a great match!

Comparing other products we discussed, this one is more stable and trustworthy in packaging and price. The package will come near your hand without any hassle; it won’t be broken at all. And along with this, the price is pretty much affordable. Grab yours ASAP!

Gluten-free Butter Chicken Makhani Sauce

You can slightly assume its properties from the name, can’t you? Well, yes. It’s one hundred percent gluten-free and prepared without using any artificial flavor. The most beautiful and infamous part is its odor. This sauce would undeniably make your meal better than ever before.

You can also customize your feed while cooking with this. Yet, more exciting features are available with it. As in, it’s dairy-free.

Let’s look forward to other features that this jar contains-

Having the best and most authentic Indian meal would not be troublesome as long as you are using this butter chicken sauce. As I already said, it’s free from gluten; you do not have to worry about it after having your meal. The odor will make your meal delicious.

Top Features

  • Gluten-Free
  • Flavorsome
  • Easy to Cook
  • Added Organic Spices
  • Made of Butter & Cream

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BrandFlavor Temptations
FlavorButter Chicken Makhani
Weight15.3 Ounces
Package Informationjar
Allergen InformationDairy Free

To talk about the ingredients used in making this, it’s only some fresh and sorted out butter and cream, and obviously, the main protein element used here is nothing but fresh chicken. Sounds great, isn’t it?

To talk about more, I can’t mention the customizable cooking feature that has to differentiate it from others. You can use it in your regular meals and the unique Indian dishes you want to Prepare for you or your family.

Not to mention, this butter chicken sauce has another perk worth using. That is its accessible cooking facility. No matter what you intend to cook, you can do it over the time being.

In addition to that, the cooking process does not even take too long. This sauce facilitates the cooking time as well. So, in either scenario, you will be an utter gainer. Indeed.

As we saw earlier, there are problems with the other sauce jars we discussed. They either cost much, or their packaging is not that rich. However, the packaging is very strong and stable in the following butter chicken sauce jar.

You do not have to think of the package once you have ordered it. It will come to your door safe and sound. And it’s also very much affordable. There you go!

Sharwood’s Delicious Butter Chicken Sauce

In terms of making butter chicken and any other decent dishes at home, you can use this Sharwood’s Butter Chicken Sauce without having any doubt. It’s delicious all the way, like it’s written in the name. You would be able to use a single jar of this butter chicken sauce for 30 days after opening its lid once. And, following the quantity it contains, you will be able to serve one single jar to nearly eight people. 

However, let’s jump into its’ top features and see which mouthwatering feature it contains-

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I scoured a lot and surfed throughout the internet for too long. Yet, found none who is against this sauce. This is a very trustworthy product that you can pick without any further doubt.

It’s committed to providing you with precisely what you want and what you crave. To sum up, if you’re thirsty for having the best Indian cuisine, you’re highly recommended to try this

Patak’s Mild Flavor Butter Chicken Sauce

We already have talked about one jar of butter chicken sauce that has directly come from the brand Patak’s. It’s time for another one. Anyways, the previous one was a single jar of butter chicken sauce.

But, purchasing this one will enable you to precisely six butter chicken sauce jars under one purchase. It’s great. The features are nearly the same as the previous one.

In terms of the previous one, you could taste two different vibes simultaneously. One is mild, and the other one is creamy. Implies, there were two different textures of taste.

Regarding the following one, you will be able to taste only one texture. The following butter chicken sauce will give you only mild flavor.

However, keep an eye on the features and dive deep. 

Top Features

  • Gluten-Free
  • No Artificial Flavor
  • Vegetarian Friendly
  • Natural Ingredients
  • No Added Preservatives
Package Weight4.68 Kilograms
About this itemPatak’s Butter Chicken Curry Sacue
Package InformationJar

Only natural and hundred percent natural ingredients were used to prepare this butter chicken sauce jar to talk about the ingredients. It will give you the most pleasant Indian delicacy in your meals. You do not have to think of it. Not even for a single time, trust me.

As with the previous one, it’s a hundred percent gluten-free. So, there are no health risks while you’re having this. Instead, the taste of this butter chicken sauce is simply extraordinary. And beyond the scale, you call mediocre. Just try this out; you’ll be amazed.

However, to talk about the opposing sides, you have to spend more purchasing it as it’s a bundle pack. Along with this, the packaging for this product is not so subtle. It might get broken while it’s in its’ halfway. So, you have to order it at your risk. But, if you can take the risk, it’s totally worth purchasing.

Truly Indian Gluten-free Premium Chicken Sauce

Well, there’s no more on my bucket list but this one. Yes, it’s gluten-free. You can assume from the name. Like the previous one, this also comes in a bundle pack. You will receive four butter chicken sauce jars by ordering once. Hence, the price might be a bit for you. Ignoring the price, it’s worth it.

Let’s get to the features of it-

If you’re wondering about something rich, this might be the perfect pick for you. No matter what you’re up to, this extraordinary and premium sauce would give you a mouthwatering vibe of taste. You won’t regret having this, trust me.

Top Features

  • Gluten-Free
  • Easy to Cook
  • 100% Organic
  • Premium Quality
  • Special Blended Flavor

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BrandTruly Indian
FlavorButter Chicken
Material FeatureVegetarian
Package Weight6.2 Pounds
SpecialtyCertified Organic, Halal, Kosher Certified

It consists of entirely organic elements and comes in with a unique blended flavor. Some natural and nutritious ingredients were used to make this butter chicken sauce. And, it’s not unhealthy at all.

To talk more about that, it has some versatile cooking expertise. You can use this following sauce with anything you desire. From chicken to lamb, biriyani to fries, it’s committed to making your meals best and more mouth watering than ever before.

For your information, this specific butter chicken sauce jar has no additional issue with packaging. It will be safe all the way and will be at your doorstep for the time being. So, order it and taste the authentic Indian delicacy.

What To Look Before You Buy Butter Chicken Sauce Jar

Assuming you have reached here after reading the previously written demonstrations. You must have known several perks of butter chicken sauce jar if you really do. You might have already chosen the best one that fits you, do you?

Do not worry at all if you don’t. Purchasing a butter chicken sauce jar for regular meals is not easy. It requires a dynamic range of considerations while buying. T

o get you out of that trauma, here I’m presenting some of the critical concerns that you must look after while buying a butter chicken sauce jar. Go through the brief list down below and avail all the pieces of information at once-


Gluten is made of certain grains and is a very mediocre protein element. As soon as this reaches the human body, it reacts drastically. And most of the time, this reaction becomes antagonistic and negatively impacts the body.

It could be the reason for your intestine cancer and decreased immunity. Following some scenarios, this poor thing named gluten could be life-threatening as well. So, make sure that your jar is ultimately gluten-free. Otherwise, you have to pay for it very badly.

Easy to Cook

Make sure to pick a jar that is easy to cook. Mediocre butter chicken sauces on the market are either filled with complexity or degraded. Make sure that your one carries a temporary directory in the package.

Otherwise, don’t go for it. Cooking with that might be troublesome for you. Along with this, if you’re a novice chef, this is pretty much more than mandatory for you.


You won’t buy a single jar filled with butter chicken if that has no nutritional element inside of that. I know, nobody will. I neither. So, keep an eye on the nutritious stuff labeled on the seal. Do it before placing your order.

If that seems spiny to you, directly ask the manufacturer. One more thing, try to pick one that has less cholesterol amount. In recent times, cholesterol has impacted so badly in human bodies. Better to get away of it.

Artificial Flavors

Before adding the butter chicken sauce to your cart, observe closely if that has any added artificial flavors or not. If yes, tumble that from your hand and go for another one. Why? So that you can good to go. Still, seems spiny? Artificial flavors are made of synthetic elements that can often be so unhealthy. It’s better not to consume them.


Again, jump back into the nutrition label and find out the ingredients used to make the butter chicken sauce you intend to buy. Go through the list of elements and observe the list. If that list consists of any atypical features, I will request you not go for that. It’s for your good to go, better to keep yourself away from intricacy.

There you go. Follow the bits of advice and get yourself beyond. Enjoy the never ending Indian taste at your home!


Alright, shawty! We have come to the very end of this article. We discussed various aspects of the best butter chicken sauce that you might use in your regular recipes to get a unique Indian taste. I presented you with some of the best picks that could be useful to you. Go for any of them that matches your criteria.

Anyways, long story short, reread the buying guide if you haven’t yet. It’s a must. Otherwise, you could select the inappropriate one that will be very much futile for you.

All the best then. Keep enjoying your food.