6 Best Seasoning For Ramen Noodles To Make Instant Ramen Taste More Authentic

Having a bowl of ramen noodles without the proper seasoning is excessively unhealthy. In fact, some of the popular seasonings that you might find in the marker are also tainted. They are filled with sodium and contain vegetable oil as well as fat. 

So what to do in such cases? Shall we eat the ramen without seasoning? No, that’s also vile. Because ramen is not like the typical noodles, it has many added essences and can be too dangerous and unhealthy when eaten raw.

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Let’s find a solution to this problem. This article will direct you to the best seasoning for ramen noodles. At the end of reading this piece, you will be lucky enough to pick up the best seasoning for your ramen noodles. 

Let’s get to the core then; what say? 

Best Seasoning For Ramen Noodles Reviewed 

Typical ramen seasoning includes too much sodium and other unhealthy ingredients, which could be life-threatening. Considering these perks, finding the proper one is not a cup of tea for newbies. 

In this following portion, we have the six best seasonings for ramen noodles that have come directly to us from our experts’ pick. Going through this very discussion will help you to select the best one, for sure. 

So without further ado, let’s jump right into the elaboration. 

Premium Flavor Noodle Ramen Seasoning

In the very first place, this specific ramen seasoning is safe and completely free from toxic materials. Apparently, it has only 160mg of sodium in each package. And that’s all. No other fats, saturated fats, MSG, gluten are added to the seasoning. 

Implies, if you’re conscious about your health yet want to grasp a tasty and flavorful bowl of ramen noodles, you can go for selecting this very seasoning. 

Apart from all these nutritional facts, this seasoning also has a superior taste and delicacy. And the adding process of this seasoning is also very straightforward. From all the way, it’s easy and affordable for home uses. 

However, let’s look forward to the features of this following seasoning-

Top Features

  • No Added Fat 
  • Gluten-Free
  • Superior Taste
  • Easy to Cook 
  • Double Freshness Seal

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Assuming you’ve theorized a glimpse about the seasoning we’re discussing. As you already know that it’s completely free of fats and other tainted substances; you can have it without any trepidation. 

Another fantastic convenience of this seasoning is that it has no added gluten. You might have heard the destructive impact of gluten already. It can blund your entire stomach and can be the cause of many fatal physical repugnancies. So, from all the way, this seasoning is safe and something worth having. 

Anyways, to protect the materials inside the package, a double freshness seal has been provided. It ensures the maximum safety of the seasoning. Whether it’s inappropriate weather going outside of your kitchen, the seasoning will be out of the danger zone once you close the seal adequately.

To cook a delicious bowl of ramen using this seasoning is easy. For your convenience, I’m sharing a quick recipe downwards- 

  • Take two cups of fresh water. 
  • Add one cup of minced chicken meat along with the necessary spices. It would be tastier if you added one teaspoon of chili paste or simply raw chili powder. 
  • Now, add two teaspoons of seasoning and let the entire batch boil for some moments. 
  • After five minutes, a very compelling odor will flap to your nose. This indicates the ramen is nearly ready to take off from the stove. 
  • Slow down the stove and put down the batch. Serve the tasty bowl of ramen to your friends and mates. 

See! It’s very simple. When are you trying out this recipe then?


  • The double freshness seal ensures maximum safety and naturality.
  • Have a delicious and infatuated odor.
  • The taste is merely beyond average compared to other common seasonings. 
  • Highly nutritious in terms of the ingredients. 
  • Free from saturated fats and gluten. Have less amount of sodium. 


  • The manufacturer claims that it doesn’t have anything like cumin and chili powder. But the taste says something different. 
  • No return facilities are available. 

Ramen Gluten-Free Seasoning Mix

It goes without saying that Gluten could be one of the most dangerous add-ons in your food. It can damage your entire stomach and be a significant reason for several cancers. 

However, as Ramen has been floating on the market in recent days, and many consumers are having this on a regular basis, many brands are using Gluten in their Ramen. Either directly or indirectly. Your concern is to select the one which is free from the curse of Gluten. 

Long story short- the Ramen we will be discussing now is completely Gluten-free and has other significant perks. Let’s get downward to know more about it-

Top Features

  • Resealable Package
  • Flavorsome
  • Gluten-Free
  • Large Serving Size
  • Contains Less Amount of Sodium

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What if you add seasonings to your Ramen and still seem tasteless like before? Tell me, how would it feel? Pretty disgusting, I know. Some ordinary seasonings will provide you with nothing but the inferiority and trauma of having no taste in your Ramen. 

This specific seasoning is excellent in taste and has a bursting flavor. You won’t regret having this, trust me. 

As we already talked about the allergen information, we won’t repeat it. But just to let you know, if you have any gluten allergy, this won’t cause any misfortune as there’s no Gluten added to it. You can freely have your bowl of Ramen made using this seasoning. Go onward without any doubt. 

The package that comes in with this seasoning is very aesthetic and has a gorgeous interface. Along with the outlook, it contains a resealable facility that will allow you to seal the package temporarily. Sounds fascinating, isn’t it? 

Before packing up, the serving size of this seasoning is not that much smaller. With a single package, you would serve 10-15 people at once. And it won’t expire like other mediocre seasonings. 

Lastly, the sodium percentage of this seasoning is deficient and safe to have. The sodium percentage gets higher in terms of others, and the seasoning gets improper to consume. 

Implies, you can have this one from all the way, without having any further doubt. There you go! 


  • The sodium percentage is low. Implies, it’s safe to consume and won’t cause any physical repugnancies.
  • The package is very aesthetically presentable and is resealable. 
  • No preservatives are added with this.
  • Free from Gluten and other tainted substances.
  • One single package is enough to serve 10-15 people. 


  • Getting this seasoning away with curry and chicken will provide you with a good vibe. Otherwise, it’s not worth it.
  • The cooking process is a bit lengthy and formidable. 

YOSHI 7-Spice Blend Seasoning

As a matter of fact, Ramen was first initiated in China. And from China, it has spread in the entire world. There’s a vast misconception surfing on people’s heads about Ramen. Many people still think that it originated in Korea. 

But Korea only introduced the spicy version of Ramen. Along with Korea and China, Japan also joined this rat race lately. And has been manufacturing ramen add-ons erewhile. 

Let’s get to the discussion then. The following seasoning has come to us from all the way from Japan. Firstly, it has superb quality, and this taste is entirely natural. You will be lucky enough to manage yourself a magnificent taste every time if you use this seasoning in your Ramen. 

Let’s look forward to the attributes of this seasoning.

Top Features 

  • Made of Traditional Spices.
  • Premium Quality 
  • No Added Salt
  • Amazing Flavour 
  • Perfect for Spice Lovers

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Many ramen seasonings are inappropriate and unworthy to have just because of the ingredients used to make those specific seasonings. Predominantly, salt and sodium cause significant problems. Or, to be specific, only sodium creates some inconsistency. 

However, this seasoning is free from all these ingredients and could be an absolute choice if you’re looking for something unique and authentic. 

I will go for the flavor first to talk about its quality. It has a moderate heat level and renders with the seemliest aroma every time. 

The spices used to make this seasoning come from authentic Japanese cuisine. Implies, you will be lucky enough to have an authentic Japanese vibe in your ramen bowl.

Nonetheless, as this ramen seasoning is full of spices, you will be a fan of it without a doubt. 

But if you don’t love to have spices, I will not recommend it to you because, in that case, the following seasoning could be allergic to your stomach. But omitting this very scenario could be a perfect match for every ramen lover. 

Lastly, this seasoning doesn’t contain any gluten or artificial preservative that might cause harm to your body and your stomach. Implies, if you are looking for something natural and tasty, you are highly recommended to go for this one. And guess what, you won’t regret having it.


  • Free from artificial preservatives
  • Natural from all the way
  • No salt, sodium, gluten is added to this seasoning
  • It could be a perfect match for spice lovers
  • The flavor and the odor of this seasoning are very out-bursting and mouthwatering.


  • Though the manufacturer claims it originated from Japan, it is made in Canada.
  • The package that contains the seasoning is not so good considering other packages.

Korean Hot Spicy for Ramen Noodles

In the first place, this following ramen seasoning contains too much spice. You might have already assumed the perk reading the title, aren’t you? However, if you’re a spice lover, you can purchase this one. 

Actually, Korean Ramen is the spiciest Ramen around the globe. This is why spice lovers from all over the world adore Korean Ramen. 

The Manufacturer that made this very seasoning has another version of ramen seasoning. Like this one, the other one is too spicy and hot. And is ready to provide you with the utmost spine-chills. 

So without further ado, let’s bow down to the king of seasonings and look forward to the perks of this magnificent and supreme ramen seasoning-

Top Features

  • Authentic Korean Spice
  • Low Carbohydrate Percentage
  • Large Serving Size
  • No Added Artificial Flavors
  • Gluten-Free

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Apparently, Ramens is made of wheat and consists of a good carbohydrate percentage. These carbohydrates could get condensed in your body and could be the most liable catalyst for your body getting obese. 

One good attribute of this following seasoning is it has a lower percentage of carbohydrates which won’t get you away with troubles but some massive taste. 

Next up is the amount of Gluten. You already know the deadliest perk of Gluten. It can create a lot of trouble for your body. However, this seasoning is entirely free from Gluten. 

Implies, you do not have to think of any harm. It will only provide you with the utmost delicacy and the whole Korean vibe. 

Each seasoning package will allow you to serve 25-30 people at once. Implies, the packages are large in shape and consist of a good amount of material. So, if you’re a heavyweight user, I would suggest you go for this one. 

In a nutshell, this seasoning could be a one hundred percent perfect match to you following some considerations. Firstly, if you’re a spice lover, secondly, love and adore Korean cuisine, and lastly, a heavyweight user. 

So, crosscheck all these considerations and go for this one without wasting time. 


  • Comes in with authentic and flavorsome Korean flavor. 
  • No artificial preservatives and glutens are added.
  • Can serve nearly thirty people at once. 
  • Full of spices. A perfect match for spice lovers.
  • It contains enhanced flavor that has boosted the taste in times. 


  • Packaging is not that good to get going.
  • No return options are available. 

Ramen Noodles Powder Seasoning

In terms of quality and features, this seasoning matches with the seasoning we talked about earlier to this one. But, their manufacturer is different. So is the quality and some perks. But considering everything, I won’t mind if you go for having this one. 

However, let me elaborate the attributes of it-

Top Features

  • Carryable Package
  • Have a Satisfactory Odor. 
  • Powder Formed
  • Low Carbohydrate Percentage
  • Great in Soups

Following a low-carb diet has become mainstream recently as obesity crashed into us like a deadly disease. In such a scenario, getting yourself away with a high-carb meal will render you an enormous amount of suffering. 

And regular foods consist of an umpteenth of carbohydrates in them. So, selecting a proper low-carb meal is way more than necessary. 

However, this ramen seasoning is not filled with many carbohydrates and has a good amount of spices. Implies, you will get the assurance of health as well as taste. If you’re on diets like Keto right now, this is highly recommended to you. 

Another perk of having this seasoning is it has a satisfactorily pleasing aroma when cooked. Though, you might be going to vomit after opening the package because uncooked seasoning smells terrible. Well, joke apart, as you’re not going to consume it raw, that won’t be a matter to you, indeed. 

The ingredients are pretty much natural, excluding the wheat gluten used in it. Apart from this, the seasoning is alright and perfect from every possible angle. 


  • It will render you with a very stiff aroma while cooking.
  • Versatile usage. Implies, you can also use it in soups or stew. 
  • The low carbohydrate percentage will get you a massive rid from getting obese.
  • Perfect for the Keto diet.
  • Requires only a tablespoon of material in 12oz hot water. 


  • Contains health-threatening wheat gluten in it.
  • It smells terrible when it’s not used. 

Spiceology 7 Spice All-purpose Seasoning

Togarashi is a famous Japanese spice blend that consists of seven flavors. You might have already. Yes, the seasoning we’re going to articulate now has come directly from Japan. Implies that having utterly delicious and magnificent Japanese cuisine won’t be a problem for you anymore. However, it’s made and packed from the US. 

Let’s get directly to the elaborations without any ado…

Top Features

  • Fresh Japanese Togarashi Blend 
  • Versatile Usability
  • No Added MSG, aka, Gluten
  • Moderately Spicy
  • Natural Flavors

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To talk about the legacy of the Japanese Togarashi, we have to go back in time. We won’t do that. Just to get this straight, the Togarashi is a mixture of seven different blends (chiles, orange peel, sesame seeds, nori, tamari soy, and lightly salted with kosher sea salt). Each of the ingredients is natural from all the way and has a fresh vibe along with this. 

No matter how sensitive your stomach is and how health-conscious you are. This seasoning won’t harm you at all. Into the bargain, it will provide you with a delicious and massively tempting flavor that you won’t regret having. Not even for a single time. 

There are no artificial ingredients added to this seasoning. It only has the best and selected ingredients that are not health cautious or hazardous. 

So, if you’re getting frightened thinking of the health issues, I will be going to stop you right there. Just keep yourself going and get yourself away with this. What’s in the world? 


  • It can be used in smoked meats and soups.
  • Has an outbursting odor and great taste.
  • No artificial preservatives are added. Nor any gluten.
  • Not that spicy. Yet, it is good, resembling other non-spicy seasonings.
  • It is filled with natural flavors. 


  • Packaging isn’t so good for getting going. 
  • Manufacturers claim it as the real togarashi. But some of the consumers have strongly disagreed with this statement.

How To Select The Best Seasoning For Ramen Noodles

We have gone through a lot and parked our sail right here. Before this, I elaborated some of the best and top rated seasonings for ramen noodles to you and exaggerated their perks. I hope you have already selected one for your use. 

However, I would request you not to worry if you haven’t selected any. Because in this very section, I will introduce you to some of the key considerations of the seasonings of ramen noodles that you must look after while selecting one for yourself. 

So, let’s jump right into the portion. 

  • Flavor

You may disagree with me, but this one is the real thing, mate. Picking up a tasteless ramen seasoning will render you with nothing but a bowl of gaudy ramen, which doesn’t make any sense in points. 

Many of the seasonings even have artificial enhanced flavors. Your job is to select the proper one that meets your requirements and does not make your taste bud taste terrible stuff. 

  • Ingredients

Another most significant part is looking forward to the list of ingredients. You will find this utterly disgusting and absurd when having a bowl of ramen full of gluten and other artificial preservatives. 

It might taste good, the smack and odor will also be perfect. But in terms of nutrition, it’s below the negative borderline. 

How to get rid of it then? Well, in my opinion, there’s no alternative to going through the nutrition label while you’re purchasing a package of seasoning. Even on Amazon, we will be lucky enough to get ourselves to the label we’re talking about. 

So, get yourself directly to that label and thoroughly observe the amount of stuff used to make that specific seasoning. They will also mention the allergic information along with the label. 

  • Serving Size

This consideration might vary for some of the users. One may have ramen on a regular basis. Another one might be having it once in a quarter. However, I’m providing you with a general inspection- 

In case you’re a heavyweight user, try to get yourself a large package that can serve 25-35 people at once. Into the bargain, you’re allowed to go for smaller ones. But, if you know how to store seasonings, then the package size shouldn’t be in your concerns at all. 

  • Sodium Percentage

In the first place, the sodium percentage needs to be very low when it comes to ramen seasonings. Not in the actual ramen, though. Why? Because sodium or salts could be the most significant reason, your seasoning gets polluted or tainted. 

So, make sure that the package you’re picking up consists of a low amount of sodium and has a good backup of nutrition. Otherwise, that could be a threat to your health as well as can cause many fatal diseases. 

That’s all! I hope you will stick to my guidelines while picking up the best seasoning for your ramen noodles. 


The time has come. I have to pack my backpack now. However, I believe that this directory helped you choose the best seasoning for ramen noodles. And now you have a firm idea about the attributes of the best one. 

Before I go, I request you to share this brief directory with your friends and mates. And if you’re still having confusion about any topics regarding this article, kindly jump above and thoroughly reread the article. You will get the answers. 

Thanks and All the very best to you!