5 Best Sawzall Blade For Bone – Cut Bone Smoothly And Safely

Whether you want to cut a big beef tenderloin that is too much for a meal or break a large frozen turkey apart, a Sawzall blade is one hundred percent useful to get you over out of the dilemma you have been invading. 

Now, what is a Sawzall blade? Apparently, Sawzall is a standard term for expressing knives that cut in a reciprocating motion. The term “knife” would be inappropriate here. I would instead call it “saw.” But whatever it is, a Sawzall blade is perfect for demolition and remodeling whatever you want. 

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To cut bones it’s massively feasible as well. In this directory, I will acquaint you with the best Sawzall blade for bone so that you don’t need to suffer while chopping the frozen turkey next time. 

Let’s proceed and cut some fresh bones; what say? 

Best Sawzall Blade for Cutting Bone Reviewed

Before getting into the elaborations, I request you to concentrate fully on this portion so that you don’t miss any subtle parts that might be important to you. And, go through each part much carefully and read everything thoroughly. 

All the best, mate. It’s time to lift off!

Stainless Steel 12 Inch Sawzall Blade for Bone

This stainless steel-made Sawzall blade could be an utter lifesaver, trust me. You might be wondering why I’m praising this much? This reciprocating Sawzall blade is made of high-grade stainless steel and consists of an ultra-hardened cutting edge that cuts anything literally. 

No matter what you’re planning to obtruncate, this 12 inches reciprocating Sawzall will assist you in getting the job done. 

However, the thickness could be a bit more. The blades are pretty much thin, and if they were courser, in my opinion, that would have been far better. 

Top Features

  • Ultra Durable
  • Stainless Steel
  • Great Time Saver
  • Compatible to All Major Reciprocating Saws
  • Includes 5-piece of the 12-inch blade in a package

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Compatible MaterialStainless Steel
Number of Pieces5
TPI (Teeth Per Inch)3

The vast compatibility of this saw has made it pretty much more homely. No matter which type or what brand of reciprocating saw you’re using to cut through bones, this blade will accurately fit into any of your Sawzall. Isn’t it fascinating? 

You do not have to take additional hassles thinking of compatibility anymore. You need to purchase a package and attach it to the saw. There’s that! 

As I already said, the blade is made of stainless steel. It will give you a whole vibe of cutting through bones because the steel is very sturdy. It won’t get stranded while you’re cutting. 

But anyway, we must get to be going, mate. This saw blade is utterly helpful in terms of saving time. The 12-inch blade cuts faster within the frozen meats and bones. It will provide you with a significant breach every time. 

Are you still confused about changing your low-key ancient bone-cutting knives to a Sawzall reciprocating saw? Why wouldn’t you change in the first place? 

You could be granted numerous times if you go for the Sawzall reciprocating saw. And using blades like the one we’re discussing will provide you with lots of ease. 

To sum up, using this blade could be a timesaver, effective, efficiency-booster, and your best homie while you’re cutting bones. 


  • Made of stainless steel and consists of ultra-hardened cutting edges that can cut nearly anything.
  • The 12-inch long blade cuts everything really fast. And saves a lot of time.
  • Appropriate for cutting the frozen turkey, frozen foods, beef ribs, hamburger meat, etc. 
  • A single package contains five blades. 
  • Works really well on thawed meat as well. 


  • Blades are too thin to operate, though many users find it efficient. But in my opinion, it would have been better if the blades were a bit coarser. 
  • Teeth are not so wide compared to the blade itself. It can get you into a little trouble. 

Unpainted Saw Blade for Effective Cutting

When the discussion is about a reciprocating saw blade, I would prefer to use an unpainted saw blade rather than the painted one. It’s a matter of fact- the more teeth your saw blade contains, the smooth it cuts. 

The saw blade we will discuss now contains precisely 16 teeth per inch. Implies, it cuts very smoothly no matter what the thing is. But don’t even dare to meet your old school friend who refused to give you the left slice of pizza while taking this. Joke apart, it could be an excellent pick for cutting through bones. 

Let’s look forward to the top features of it-

The package contains five same-sized blades at once, you will be able to use all of those for your desired purposes.

 Top Features

  • 16 TPI
  • Compatibility
  • Food Grade Steel 
  • High Cutting Performance
  • Ideal For Cutting Frozen Stuff

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MaterialStainless Steel
Number of Pieces5
Food GradeYes

First and foremost, this Sawzall blade cuts significantly faster than the average one. Apparently, knives used widely for cutting bones are very mainstream. And not effective nor efficient. 

Operating them needs a lot of effort. As I said, Sawzall could give you ease from that dilemma. Yes, Sawzall does, for sure. But without a proper blade, a Sawzall is nothing. So, you have to give this selection process a bit more preference. 

Nonetheless, if you look forward to the perks, you will quickly notice that the blade is made of high-quality food-grade three chromium thirteen stainless steel. 

This specific stainless steel is utterly durable. You do not even have to think of durability. Once you purchase, it will last for a substantial amount of time. 

As I already mentioned, this blade contains 16 teeth in an inch. Do you know why this feature is so fascinating? Well, if a blade contains less amount of blades, it will remove more material while cutting stuff. On the flip, choosing a high TPI blade can save materials and cut very smoothly. 

Now, the judgment is yours. Are you ready to give this product a trial, or will you stick in your 90’s with that ancient bone-cutting knife? 


  • It is made of very high quality and durable stainless steel.
  • Cuts frozen foods and through bones very quickly and accurately.
  • Teeth are significantly coarser and won’t get wrecked that much easier.
  • Contains 16 teeth per inch.
  • Compatible to more or less all Sawzall brands.


  • The blades are a bit brittle and snap in now and then.
  • Manufacturing defects might occur. 

ZUZZEE Sawzall Blade For Cutting Bone

For cutting within the bone or simply breaking frozen meat apart, you can go for having this very Sawzall blade near to your hands. This blade has a very easy-maintenance facility and vast compatibility despite less TPI. Only three teeth are there in each inch. 

Then again, the cuts are not as rough as they might seem. Also, it will save you valuable time while you’re busy cutting bones. 

Implies, if you’re someone who doesn’t have too much time to invest in this type of thing, you can give this blade a short try.

This will make your cutting process much more efficient than ever before, and you will get to experience incredible and smooth cuts on your own.

 Top Features

  • 3 TPI 
  • Durable 
  • Great Efficient 
  • Very Easy to Use 
  • Compatible with Sawzall

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MaterialStainless Steel
Number of Pieces2

Cutting things requires a lot of effort. No matter if it’s a big tuna or a chunk of the frozen beef rib to smoke in the griller, processing that is too time-consuming. 

To save time out of it, you can seek help from this tremendous Sawzall blade which has been manufactured only for helping you out. 

However, these 3 TPI blade cuts really well. I won’t articulate the performance here, but you can consider this one on your bucket list if you are really planning to purchase stuff like this. 

The hook that has been attached to the blade is a bit angle-shaped and cuts too aggressively. If you have anyone underaged in your home, make sure that you’ve preserved it in a private non-accessible place so that your child can be safe because safety should have been our priority. Not a tasty chunk of turkey. 

The easy compatibility has made it much more trustworthy and placed in its users’ pick. No matter what brand you use as a Sawzall. It could be either a DeWalt or a Hitachi; this blade will be fit for your Sawzall. 

And, in times of cutting, it is fully prepared to provide you with excellent and smooth fresh cuts. When you’re banging on this, then? 


  • High-performance stainless steel is used to manufacture this.
  • It cuts faster than other mediocre Sawzall blades.
  • Has a lowkey but efficient TPI. 3 TPI. 
  • It is ahead of the genre of Sawzall blades. 
  • Not mainstream at all. It’s unique from all the way.


  • Manufacturing defects might occur in some cases.
  • Remove materials while cutting. 

Big Teeth Stainless Steel Saw Blades

You might disagree with me, but when you cut through bones using any cutter (could be a knife or saw), the main thing that will matter enormously is the teeth of that particular tool. How do teeth play an essential role? A question always remains. 

I have already elaborated on the objective of TPI to you. The more TPI your blade contains, the smoother cuts you will get. If there’s too little TPI in the blade, you will probably lose too much material from the object you’re cutting. And vice-versa. 

However, this blade comes in with big teeth and is made of pure and high-grade stainless steel. 

And the blades are moderately thick. In my opinion, purchasing this would not be futile in any manner.

Top Features 

  • 9-inch 
  • Durability 
  • Easy to Use and Maintain
  • High-Grade Stainless Steel 
  • Compatible to Reciprocating Saws

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MaterialStainless Steel
Number of Pieces5
Length9 Inch

Let’s look forward to more perks of this blade without further ado… 

In the very first place, I won’t discourage you by stating that a typical knife isn’t enough to cut through bones. No, it’s wrong from all the way. You can cut smoothly using a knife as well. 

But, what’s the application of a reciprocating saw then? Why has a wide variety of manufacturers been making reciprocating saws for ages? 

Basically, when power requires cutting within the bone, there would be no possible alternatives of using a reciprocating saw that cuts in a “to and forth” motion. 

And, as it works faster, you will be lucky enough to save much more cuts of your valuable time. Sounds convincing, indeed. 

Long story short, if you’re planning to purchase these types of Sawzall blades for cutting bones, I would firmly suggest you invest in this one as it has some outstanding and unique features. 

Like, the length of the blade. It’s accurate to 9-inch. This enormous length will be ready to help you every time you’re trying to cut anything hard to reach. 

Boiled down, the package contains five blades in each. Each of them is made of pure and high-grade stainless steel, which will surely provide you with remarkable durability and sturdiness. 


  • High-quality stainless steel that is exceptionally durable.
  • Blades are somewhat thick to cut anything along with the bones.
  • Compatible with all the Sawzall reciprocating saws. 
  • The hook angle is aggressive and cuts faster, analogizing to other saw blades. 
  • Contains five sharp and forceful teeth per inch.


  • It gets unfastened from the saw while operating.
  • Could make some trouble in fitting Makita Reciprocating Saws

Bone Cutting Durable Sawzall Blades

In the last portion, I elaborated on the objective of reciprocating saws to you. Assuming you’ve got my points. Well, if yes, it’s time to introduce you to the object of saw blades and their durability. Why would you need to pick up a durable one? 

Imagine you’re cutting an immensely consolidated and solid chunk of bone. Following the scenario, if your cutter, aka blade, is not coarser, you won’t get that same task done. Either the blade will get bent over time or lose all your hoard apathy. 

Want to know more attributes? Drag downward! 

Top Features

  • 3 TPI 
  • Easy to Use and Store 
  • 9-inch and 12-inch blade 
  • Highly Compatible to Sawzalls
  • Contain Six Blades in Each Package.

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To omit this, there’s no alternative to redeeming a durable saw blade. Where to find that? You have come to the right place, mate. This blade is made of durable stainless steel and can get you a massive rid in terms of cutting through bones. 

The main problem with using steel materials is that they get rusty and dread over time. It primarily happens due to storing it detrimentally. By storing the blades appropriately, we can quickly get over this misfortune. 

This blade will let you store it in any kind of polythene or short-storage container and won’t consume moisture in time. Instead, it will prevent rust and make your blades exist a bit more time than the average lifespan. 

However, to talk about the package, this blade package comes in with a six-piece package at once. Amongst them, three are 12-inch, and the other three are 9-inch. 

It’s a good combination of length. Purchasing other ones we described earlier is also a good choice. But in that case, you will only render with specific blade size. By purchasing this one, you can get over that. 

And as always, this one is also compatible with every other Sawzall blade you might have in your house. You can easily attach the blade to the Sawzall and start operation without wasting time. And every time, it will provide you with good cuts. 


  • Made of high-quality stainless steel, which provides intensive durability to the blade
  • Easy to store. Rust and moisture resistant. 
  • Compatible with other Sawzall brands.
  • It cuts really faster-comparing others.
  • Highly effective in terms of saving time. 


  • Manufacturing defects might occur.
  • No return options are available. 

What to Look Before Buying the Best Sawzall Blade for Bone

After reading the last portion, you might have already decided and fixed the appropriate Sawzall blade. Apparently, selecting the proper tool isn’t as straightforward as it seems. 

It requires too much validation and verification. Otherwise, nobody would waste money on things that won’t add value to their lives. Isn’t it? 

Well, do not worry at all if you can’t yet manage yourself selecting one. In this portion, I will guide you with some of the key considerations that must be overlooked while you’re selecting the best Sawzall blades for bone. Let’s get directly to the core.

  • Blade Length

The length of the blade is way too important when you’re selecting it for use in your Sawzall. Because the blade is small in length, it won’t reach the portion of the objects easily. This will create a problematic situation now and then. 

A quick tip: Try to select the bigger ones when you’re purchasing. Because a big-sized blade gets to every critical and hard-to-reach part of the object and can be helpful in terms of fast cutting, whether it’s bone or any other stuff, a bigger blade would cut the thing very smoothly compared to a smaller one.

  • Durability

Thickness and the materials used to make the blade are two of the most critical issues. If the blade is thicker than the average, there’s a high chance that the blade can get bent in times of operation. 

To get rid of this, try to select a coarser blade and never compromise with the power of stainless steel. 

  • TPI (Teeth per Inch)

This is another most significant consideration that is very important when buying any blade for cutting stuff. Apparently, blades that consist of less TPI are very destructive. They remove material in times of operation and are very unproductive and inefficient all the way. 

There’s no hard and fast rule, by the way. Just select a blade that consists of more or less 10-15 TPI. In this way, you can win the rat race. 

  • Compatibility

If you can’t use the blade in your reciprocating saw, there’s no point in purchasing. Though, in recent times, most of the blades are compatible with Sawzall. But, some of the mediocre blades are still incompatible. 

It’s your job to make sure that the blade you’re purchasing is one hundred percent compatible with your Sawzall. If not, avoid that one and select another one that matches your criteria.

There’s that! Carefully observe all these critical considerations before purchasing and go beyond.

Tips For Cutting Bone Using Sawzall Blades

We have come through a lot already. Till now, I guided you with the elaborations of some best Sawzall blades for cutting bone. I guess you have already decided which one to purchase. Didn’t you? 

Nonetheless, in this very part, I will try to assist you in guiding some of the very tips and precautions while you’re operating with a Sawzall blade. 

It might not be that lengthy, but it’s important from all the way. Because, just by a simple mistake, you can even lose your organ, and thus, it’s threatening from every possible angle. 

However, let’s dap on the plane! Below I illustrated some of the very important points you must adhere to. Concentrate on this part and avail everything. There you go! 

  • Before getting started using the blade, make sure that no rust or moisture is present in your blade. If yes, clean the blade adequately and jump into operating using that blade. 
  • If any of the teeth are broken or shattered in any manner, try not to use that blade. Until or unless it’s too emergency to use. Why? The absence of a single tooth would make the object too rusty and dread, and you will lose a lot of materials in times of cutting. It’s not efficient. 
  • Safety should always be the first and foremost priority. Make at least a minimum distance between your body to the blade. Handle the blade with care. Make your body stable while cutting using the blade. A single accident can make you cripple. Get this straight! 
  • And lastly, when you’re done with the operations, make sure to store the blades in an air-tight container so that any rust or moisture couldn’t affect the blade. 

There’s that. Follow all these inspections and get yourself an awesome and thriving cutting experience. 


Using the best Sawzall blade for bone might vary from user to user. One would use a typical knife, and the other might choose an authentic Sawzall blade. But, whatever it is, going for a Sawzall blade is effective and time-saving all the way. 

I wish you all the very best if you’re selecting one for yourself. Hopefully, I’ve helped you guide and figure out the best one. If yes, share this directory with your friends and mates and spread happiness exponentially. 

Goodbye and Carpe Diem!