5 Best Salt for Salt Grinder Including Coarse, Sea Salt & Extra Coarse Salt

While salt grinders and mills remain a controversial piece of tool, it is no wonder that those who swear by them want to keep them intact for a long time. 

The grinding mechanism of a typical grinder is made from acrylic or ceramic and the blades can get damaged or caked up if you do not use the right kind of salt. That is precisely why it is important to know what is the best salt for salt grinder.

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So without any further ado, let’s take a look at what our top recommendations for coarse, sea, and rock salts are:

Best Salt For Salt Grinder Reviews To Pick Up The Right One

A salt mill’s main purpose is to break down big chunks of salt into more palatable finer bits that you can use for tabletop serving. With that in mind, obviously most rock salt will be a good choice. 

Any type of salt with a higher moisture content will clog up the mechanism of your grinder so they should always be avoided. Other than that you can not really go wrong with any rock or evaporated sea salt but will be best suited by these of our top 5 picks. 

Himalayan Coarse Salt by Spice Lab

Our first pick of the day is the hippest and in-trend one. From our friends at spice lab, the Himalayan Coarse salt is a mineral pink rock salt that is chock-full of healthy minerals. 

The beautiful pink hue of Himalayan salt will look wonderful inside a grinder on your table and the medium-sized crystals ensure that you can effectively grind it by hand. Spice 

Lab ensures pure salt crystals without any additives and it is our favorite to use in a transparent grinder. This is our top pick of today and we will recommend it to any and everyone looking for a salt to use in a grinder.

Top Features

  • Keto-friendly
  • Super rich in minerals
  • Medium-sized Crystals
  • 84 trace elements and iron
  • 100% Natural and Unrefined

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BrandThe Spice Lab
Weight5 Pounds
SpecialtyKosher, Vegan
Diet TypeKosher

What makes Himalayan pink sea salt so great for grinders is that it is a hard rock salt that does not have a healthy amount of moisture. 

Both electric and hand grinder will work flawlessly with this particular salt as the crystals are sized big enough to need a grind but small enough to not damage the blades even with sustained use.

Setting aside the grinder for a minute, it is also proven that Himalayan pink salt is densely packed with natural minerals and keeps the sodium content at a minimum, making it as close to a healthy salt as you can get. 

This salt is also very versatile. You can use it as a tableside salt or use it in cooking or grilling. If a nice luxury bath is your thing, you can even sprinkle some crystals on your bath. 

Just be aware not to overdo it as it is still salt and too much of it will bite you back with health issues. 

Spice Lab also claims that their product is free of any plastic residue and that remains mostly true in our experience. However, some users reported that they found small rocks and glass shards. 

This is understandable as the way these salts are mined a few pieces of rock can slip through but we still expect better quality control from Spice Labs.

All said and done, we strongly suggest you give this rock crystal salt a try and we assure you will fall in love with it just like we have.


  • Certified fully natural
  • Versatile salt for all types of use
  • Good health benefits over other salts
  • Best crystal size for grinder blade longevity


  • Much like other pink salts, does not contain iodine
  • Can be difficult to hand grind over longer periods of time

Aromasong Sea Salt For Grinder

Along with rock salt crystals, evaporated sea salt crystals are always fantastic picks to refill your grinder with. They usually tend to be a little softer than mineral rock salts and this selection from Aromasong is a premium choice that has a really distinct sharp taste but loses points compared to Himalayan pink salt when it comes to health benefits. 

The Aromasong Sea Salt shares most of the good things we said about our previous pick while also being just a tad bit better for the longevity of your mill owing to the marginal softness. 

Mined straight from the dead sea, Aromasong advertises this salt to be perfect for various grinders and we tend to agree.

Top Features

  • Fully organic and pure
  • Unique taste and flavor
  • Mined from the dead sea
  • Softer medium-sized crystals
  • 25-30% lower sodium content

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Weight19 Pounds
Package Weight8.69 Kilograms
Item FormGrain

Everything from the crystal sizing to bulk packaging indicates that this product was made to find a home in any hand grinder. It has a really low moisture content too so that your mill blades will never clog up.

The Aromasong Sea Salt is no one-trick pony either. Along with being great in grinders, it offers a balanced taste that leans more towards sweetness than the traditional bitterness. 

Also something we can’t help but mention is the versatility of this seasoning. From regular cooking to canning, pickling, baking, or even bathing this sea salt can do it all. Another great thing is that the salt can be stored for a long time without any negative effects. 

The flavor is also something we can rave about as a small pinch will transform your food into something else. To the point that we were confused if it has msg mixed in it.

But Aromasong does not add any additives or caking agents to this salt. It is fully pure, organic, and unrefined. It also has a lower sodium content than regular table salt. 

This is important as a lower sodium intake will help keep your blood pressure at bay and keep you healthy in the long run. Consequently, this product is also vegan-friendly, fully gluten-free, and non-GMO. 

Overall, if you are looking for one salt to rule them all, grab a bag of this delicious condiment as soon as you can.


  • Best for hand grinding
  • Offers great value for the price
  • Tastes better than everything else
  • Lower sodium content makes it a healthy alternative to table salt.


  • Only sold in bulk bags
  • Can cake up if left out for too long

Cole & Mason White Sea Salt

Cole & Mason originally sold this product inside their salt mills. That should tell you how good this sea salt is for grinders and mills. And while Cole & Mason still recommend using this refill with their grinders, you can put this in any mill, and it will grind like a charm. 

Sea salt remains the superior salt in terms of taste and this coarse sea salt proves why. While it can be a bit expensive, this sea salt offers an exquisite experience from grinding to packaging.

Top Features

  • Made for Grinders
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • Attractive glass jar packaging
  • Can improve digestive and nervous system
  • Pairs well with chocolate, vegetable, and seafood

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BrandCole & Mason
Package Weight0.95 Kilograms

If a premium experience is what you are after, look no further than the Cole & Mason Sea salt. It might not be very affordable but you will fall in love with every little attention to detail the manufacturer put in and it really makes you feel like the money was worth it.

This is medium-grain coarse sea salt and everything we said about our previous entry regarding mill compatibility, taste, and flavor stands true here. 

The high quality is as apparent as day while some might be disappointed as this wasn’t sourced from any fancy mountain or sea. It is just sourced from Australia of all places.

As big salt flakes should not be used for flavoring large stews or soups. They will not dissolve as effectively as smaller salt grains. 

However, they are excellent for sprinkling over previously cooked meats, fresh tomatoes, and dark chocolate desserts because of their greater size.

Due to the price premium, this will definitely not be a cornerstone of any kitchen but for those who can afford to splurge the money, the presentation adds a heck of a lot to the perception of value.

Simultaneously, this presentation also happens to be the biggest downfall of the product. As customers received broken jars in the mail way too often and it is about time the seller invests in a bit more heavy-duty packaging.

Do not scoff at the Cole & Mason sea salt as it is not just a pretty face and upon trying it you will really understand why so many users are loving it.


  • Super fancy packaging
  • Pure white salt without many additives
  • Unique flavor and taste as a sea salt should have
  • Perhaps the most grinder friendly from today’s roundup


  • The glass jar can break in shipping
  • Premium packaging comes with a premium price tag

Sherpa Coarse Grain Salt For Grinder

This pink gourmet sea salt is manufactured by San Francisco Salt Co. from high-quality Himalayan minerals that are sourced from throughout the world, and it has a coarse grain. 

It may be used on grilled vegetables, to season meat and fish, in soups and salads, and in the oven. But however you use it, it is at its best when put inside a grinder. 

It is manufactured from all-natural components and may be substituted for conventional table salt in most recipes.

Top Features

  • 100% natural pink
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Restaurant quality salt
  • Coarse grain ready for the grinder
  • Lots of different sizes are available

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BrandSherpa Pink
Weight32 Ounces
Package Weight0.91 Kilograms
Item FormGrain

San Francisco salt co. sells this salt in medium grain (about 2-3 millimeters), but it is also available in various sizes, such as fine and extremely fine, as well as other flavors.

We promise that you will be satisfied with this genuine Himalayan pink sea salt, and it is also certified to be Kosher. 

This salt is delicious on just about anything, from meats to vegetables to casseroles and everything in between. It is packed in a facility that is GMP-certified in the United States. 

Himalayan salts are well-known for providing a wide range of health advantages. It also contains significant amounts of calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, and potassium and this Sherpa Pink salt is not any different.

Coming to taste, the saltiness is a lot more subtle and mild than other rock salts and the flavor is not very intense either. This is why Himalayan pink salt can naturally enhance the flavor of many produces and will not overpower any dish. 

While due to the way Himalayan salt is mined, you will always have a few bits and pieces of rocks in a big bag, a huge chunk of customers reported having an unacceptable amount of rocks in the smaller bags. San Francisco salt co brings this matter to their attention soon enough.

As for grinder compatibility, it might be a bit tough to hand grind this salt for an entire table and your mill blade will also get scruffed up easier with this than sea salts, Sherpa Pink Himalayan Salt is still an amazing option.

If you are still confused, you can buy a pack as small as 2 pounds and just try out yourself to see how amazing this product works on salt grinders.


  • Kosher certified
  • Rich in minerals and nutrients
  • Loads of different package sizes are available


  • Does not contain iodine
  • Too many rocks in some packages

Tuscanini Coarse Sea Salt For Grinder 

Closing up our round-up today is yet another salt mined from evaporated seawater. As the name suggests, Tuscanini is an Italian company based in Sicily and they mine this coarse grain sea salt from the Mediterranean sea. As per regular coarse medium-sized crystal sea salts, it is fantastic for easier grinding and a longer lifespan for your grinder blades.

If none of the other salts from our list suits you, pick this one up without a second thought and you will not regret it.

Top Features

  • 100% Natural
  • Salt Bath Ready
  • Certified Kosher
  • Pure and Clean Flavor
  • Straight from the Mediterranean Sea

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We have checked out salts from Australia, the Himalayas, and even the dead sea. So why not take a look at the salt that was mined at the heart of Italy and the bay of the Mediterranean ocean. 

Yes, it does sound more intriguing than it actually is. Tuscanini’s coarse sea salt tastes and works just like any other authentic sea salt.

However, for what it’s worth, it is a darn fine sea salt. Everything you would want to do with salt in a grinder would be done quickly and effortlessly by this and you would be left with food that tastes punchy and great. 

This salt is also 100% natural without any additives or anti-caking agents and the clean taste is a big certification for it.

Although great, this product from Europe made it at the last place of our list because we have seen better and tastier sea salts. Don’t let the fancy advertisement fool you as Tuscanini’s container is pretty low quality and the salt grains are uneven at best. 

Even after considering the caveats, this sea salt offers great value for money and you will stand behind it as well.


  • Works well on a grinder
  • Can be used for salt baths
  • Very clean and minimal taste 


  • Poor packaging
  • Uneven grain sizes

What To Look For Before Buying Salt For Salt Grinder

Now that you know all about the best salts on the market for your hand or electric grinder. It is also just as important to know how we came to these picks and what we looked for. 

Before buying salt for a ceramic or acrylic grinder, you basically need to know about a few different qualities of the salt in question. As long as a salt passes these three tests, it will do a fine job inside a grinder:

  • Grain Size

This could perhaps be the most important deciding factor for buying a salt for a grinder. As we have discussed previously, mills or grinders love coarse salt. 

Their whole purpose is to break bigger chunks of salt down into a palatable powder than you can serve beside food on the table.

So obviously if a particular brand of salt has too fine of a grain, there is ultimately no purpose for a salt mill. Similarly, if you buy a huge chunk of rock salt, it will not be able to fit inside a grinder leaving you with just a huge rock.

The most ideal salt grain size for mills or grinders is 3 to 4 mm. Always pick a coarse salt that has crystals not too big or too small than this range. It is not difficult as you will find the market filled with similar-sized salt.

  • Moisture Content

Okay, we lied! Moisture content is just as important if not more as grain size. It might not be as intuitive, however, and you might be wondering what does water content has to do with grind-ability. 

Well, the way the blades of a typical grinder work, if a salt has a high moisture content, the grains would all cake up inside the mill and clog up the blades. That means sea salt flakes or any other flaky salt is a terrible idea due to their high moisture level.

Celtic sea salt or grey salt is a salt that does come in a big enough grain size but you still should not use it in a mill. There are specialty mills and grinders available that you can grind these high moisture salts on.

Rock salts and evaporated coarse sea salts have the lowest moisture content and thus are the best picks for regular grinders.

  • Crystal Hardness

The final thing you have to look at before buying a salt is the hardness of the salt crystals. This matters because the harder a particular crystal is, the tougher it will be for a set of grinder blades to break them down. While too soft means it will fall apart way too easily.

Rock salt is harder than evaporated sea salt and this for you means two things. One- your grinder will not last as long with a harder salt in it. And two- you will tire yourself out faster as a hard salt means more force is required to grind. 

But honestly, the differences are not that high in our experience and if your grinder gives up a month or two early, we do not think it is that big of an issue. But to each, their own and hence you might as well know about this.

Rock Salt Or Sea Salt Which Is The Best For Grinder

If you go back and do a quick review of our “Crystal Hardness” section, you will understand the key difference between rock salt and sea salt. 

But another thing to consider here is that there are a lot of different types of sea salts available and some of which are not suitable for grinders at all. For example Sea salt flakes, and Celtic sea salt.

But technically the right answer to which is better is sea salt. The right kind ofcourse. It will be easier to grind and be not as hard on your grinder for years. 

However, due to the very minor differences between them and how sea salt is way too broad of a term, for just a simple answer, we would say rock salt is the better choice for grinders.


And there you go! This was a big one and we are glad you stuck with us till the end. But hey, now you know what is the best salt for salt grinder and you won’t ever have to deal with another broken or clogged up grinder ever again.