7 Best Tikka Masala Sauce Jars Full Of Incredible Flavors

Who doesn’t love to get the dinner ready in a pinch? On that note, tikka masala sauce comes in quite handy to prepare flavorful dishes at a glance.

But it’s pretty time-consuming to prepare it at home. So, if you want a ready-made solution, go for jarred masala sauce.

However, with no prior knowledge, it can be quite intimidating to figure out the best tikka masala sauce jar. Hence, we have narrowed down the long list and picked the following seven top-graded pantry products.

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Hopefully, they can turn out your regular dishes into mouth-watering meals with a little effort!

7 Best Tikka Masala Sauce Jar Review

Let’s check out what our top seven picks have in store to let you prepare a swift and savory dinner. Also, note that all products are hand-picked based on their premium ingredients and superior quality control.

Brooklyn Delhi Indian Simmer Tikka Masala Sauce

On the very first spot of this review, we have an outstanding tikka masala sauce jar from Brooklyn Delhi, the name needs no introduction in producing savory sauces. Let’s check out its top features first.

Being layered with sweet and savory coconut cream, the sauce includes tangy tomatoes, caramelized onions, fresh garlic, ginger, etc. Above all, the famous blend of Indian spices and sweet paprika adds an even more enchanting aroma to any dish you prepare.

Top Features

  • All organic ingredients
  • Coconut flavored sauce
  • Comes in 1 jar of 12 oz
  • Rich and creamy texture
  • Wonderful glass packaging
  • Mild, vegan, and no artificial additives used

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BrandBrooklyn Delhi
Package InformationJar
Weight0.75 Pounds
Allergen InformationTree Nuts

To start with the detailed discussion, it’s an absolute must to mention that the sauce can make an ordinary meal a memorable one.

As this sauce is a mild one, you can mix it to prepare your kid’s meal as well. A decent amount of sauce will make veggies, protein, yogurt, or any grain more palatable.

Best of all, it’s gluten-free, starch and stabilizer-free, and free of gums. Only wholesome ingredients make it plentiful. And whatever dish you prepare with it offers gorgeous color as well.

Suppose, you are exhausted after a tiring day and don’t know what to cook for dinner. But having this tikka sauce jar in the kitchen, no worries. Create the famous Indian spicy smack in your dish at a glance.

Most importantly, the spices are not too dominating to outplay the food’s original flavor. In fact, they go pretty well adding numerous flavors to any meal, especially to protein and veggies.

No matter how quickly it lets you prepare a dish, if it doesn’t taste well, it will be a deal-breaker, right?

On that note, the simmer tikka masala sauce passes with full marks as it tastes wonderful in every way.

Although it seems to be a bit expensive in the cart, you will not feel the same while using it in your kitchen. Being 100% vegan, we highly recommend this sauce to spice up your quick and easy cooking game!

Mild Indian Simmer Tikka Masala Sauce by Maya Kaimal

Secondly, we have another exclusive recommendation for you in the original tikka masala flavor from the famous food brand, Maya Kaimal Foods. Let’s check out what prime specifications it comes with.

Living up to the expectations, Maya Kaimal’s simmer sauces always do wonders on the dinner table. This tikka masala sauce is no exception as well.

What’s more interesting is that it is created by combining Maya Kaimal’s own family flavors and travel recipes. That’s why it carries the authentic Indian taste.

Top Features

  • Ready to eat recipes
  • Amazing Indian flavor
  • All-natural ingredients
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Gluten-free and vegetarian
  • Recycled glass jar packaging
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • A balanced blending of tomato and spices

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BrandMaya Kaimal Foods
FlavorTikka Masala
Package InformationJar
Weight12.5 Ounces
Allergen InformationMilk

However, all the ingredients are carefully resourced. No artificial ingredient is included by the manufacturer. Furthermore, the 100% vegetarian flavor makes it suitable for all castes of India.

Honestly, the long ingredient list carries the classic flavor from all regions of India. And as it combines natural elements with traditional techniques, rest assured your dinner guest will be utterly satisfied.

We all know how time-klling it is to cook the original Indian recipes. So, have this 12.5 ounces simmer sauce jar when in a hurry and put all your worries at bay! It’s particularly prepared with the thought of ready-to-eat recipes in mind.

Talking about the materials, the masala sauce is enriched with popular Indian spices such as cumin, cinnamon, clove, etc. You can enjoy chicken, veggies, paneer, shrimp, etc. with a delicious aroma.

As it uses lemon juice, a bit of sourness is expected. But that tangy taste doesn’t affect the authenticity of any dish.

What you will like the most is the affordable price tag. I mean this many ingredients with a few bucks, that’s surely incredible!

Nevertheless, milk is a prominent additive in this pack. So, beware if you are allergic to it.

Gluten-Free Indian Curry Tikka Masala Sauce

Next on the lineup, meet a natural tikka masala curry sauce in a gluten-free form. Curries By Nature is always a reliable name in producing pantry products. Let’s explore whether it’s true or not!

Indian curries have a history of hundreds of years being cooked with plentiful herbs. That’s what makes this masala curry sauce more exclusive.

If you are craving a delicious meal with a balanced Indian food-esque flavor, go for it right away!

Top Features

  • Anytime usable
  • Condensed texture
  • A package of six jars
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Combines spices and olive oils
  • Premium all-natural ingredients
  • Halal, vegetarian, and gluten-free

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BrandCurries By Nature
FlavorTikka Masala Curry Sauce
Package InformationJar
Package Weight1 Pound

Starting from scratch is always scary. It’s even more painful to cook traditional Indian cuisine. Thanks to the manufacturers, the tikka sauce follows the age-old tradition of Indian food.

Coming as a package of six bottles, they are nicely packed for long-term use. All the finest components are collected to let you enjoy a satisfying and savory dish within the quickest time frame.

Talking of the ingredients, the list will make your heart content. It includes tomatoes, olive oil, garlic powder, ginger, sugar, spice, tomato sauce, salt, etc. You need to add some water while preparing your favorite meal to adjust the consistency.

However, you can try this sauce in a different way. While adding water, add 1:1 water and heavy whipping cream.

This will not only maintain a wonderful consistency in texture but also lessen the hotness if someone finds the heat unbearable.

Another great thing to consider about any jarred sauce is how healthy it is. In that regard, it’s even more desirable as no artificial additives, gums, or stabilizers are used here. Moreover, no canola oil or hydrolyzed yeast is there to cause health hazards.

In terms of heat and spice, it outplays any contemporary tikka masala by offering a seasoned smack. So, all things considered, we highly recommend it as one of the best tikka masala sauce jars.

Patak’s Gluten-Free Tikka Masala Cooking Sauce

Need a bit of smoky flavor in your regular curry sauce? Try this tikka masala cooking sauce from Patak’s which is a perfect combination of spice and heat.

Even being a product of the United Kingdom, it delivers authentic Indian smack at any cost. That’s what makes it very special for the residents outside of India.

The glass jars are nicely packed to be delivered without any mess. Moreover, it does not come with any health problem being entirely gluten-free.

People usually rely on this exclusive curry sauce to prepare any quick recipe. It particularly works great to spice up everyone’s favorite chicken curry.

Top Features

  • Gluten-free
  • A pack of six glass jars
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Original Indian tikka masala flavor
  • Classic curry cooking sauce with authentic taste

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FlavorTikka Masala
Weight9.98 Pounds
Package InformationBottle
Allergen InformationGluten Free

Besides, you can make your regular protein dishes more palatable. As the bottled sauce is quite easy to use, only a little effort will get the job done. You will be surprised how simply your low sodium meal is ready to be served. 

To make the best use of this curry cooking sauce, you can saute the chicken first. Then add the sauce and see how amazingly it blends with the curry powder.

Who wants to do the hassle of preparing sauces at home? In this corporate world, nobody can afford that time. But will your stomach listen to that? 

Not really, Surely, it will crave those spicy custom dishes. A cooking sauce is all you can rely on in this situation. And Pataka’s would never disappoint you with their versatile ranges of masala flavored sauces. Although it’s not too spicy,  it’s not less than an intensely savory meal either!

In fact, being less spicy, it doesn’t require any heat adjustments. And the mild essence makes the dish more appetizing. 

Coming in a package of six jars, they won’t run out fast. It makes the sauce pretty cost-effective for frequent use. 

Pataks Creamy Richness Tikka Masala Sauce

Impressed by the previous curry sauce from Patak’s? Then check out their creamy sauce enriched with extreme hotness. 

If you are someone who wants to explore a creamy tomato extract in your dishes, then you should go for this spicy sauce right away!

Top Features

  • Creamy texture
  • A hot and spicy sauce
  • Delicious tomato flavor 
  • Made with all-natural ingredients 
  • A balanced blending of lemon, tomato, cilantro, and spices

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Weight12.83 Pounds
Package Weight9.07 Kilograms
Package InformationJar

In fact, this tangy tomato sauce is so popular in Britain that people declared it as their national dish. 

You can make your regular rice or nun more delightful with this sauce. Adding a bit of coconut milk turns the whole game on a positive note. Therefore, your taste buds are utterly surprised and totally satisfied with an exclusive gusto. 

On the same note, we explored some of the customer reviews and noticed that nobody complained about the taste but the price. Honestly, it is expensive. But that doesn’t make it a deal-breaker. 

In fact, the unique taste value and all-natural ingredients make the extra cost totally worth spending. 

We are more than happy to inform you that you can try this jarred sauce with any vegetables you want. That makes it a great purchase for sure.

However, homemade foods are always the best. That’s applicable for tikka masala sauces too. But preparing them by collecting all the ingredients is a real struggle. 

Therefore, try this original simmer sauce from Patak’s and you won’t miss the homely flavor anymore!

Tikka Masala Sauce by Sharwood

If you are looking for that traditional taste in any masala seasoning, Sharwood should be the first destination to look for. Their masala cooking sauce can prepare dinner in a pinch to your heart’s content. 

How about preparing your favorite fish or meat within twenty minutes, that too with the authentically seasoned smack? Yes, that’s what this tomato-flavored sauce can do.

Top Features

  • Minimal spice level
  • Creamy tomato flavor 
  • Contains milk and coconut 
  • A subtle hint of black cardamom
  • Doesn’t require anything to add extra flavor 

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FlavorTikka Masala
Weight0.88 Pounds
Package Weight1.2 Pounds
Package InformationJar

Although it’s not too spicy, a hint of cardamom makes any dish savory enough to be appealing. On top of that, the versatile ingredient list says it all about this premium-grade cooking sauce. 

On that note, water, pure tomato puree, yogurt, creamed coconut, ginger and garlic puree, ground cumin, starch, onions, sugar, etc. leads the seasoning to be a delicious one.

Moreover, chopped coriander, paprika, canola oil, and concentrated lemon juice maintain a subtle balance in the overall texture. 

Most importantly, you can have almost a ready-made meal. In fact, you need to add literally nothing to enhance its flavor and fragrance. 

Being less spicy, it needs to be heated up a bit if you are a spice lover. In that case, use some cilantro and fresh lemon juice and see the magic!

Even though it lacks spiciness, you can consider it as one of the best pre-made simmer sauces, thanks to its ease of use. Serve it with regular rice and enjoy the restaurant-like treat.

The packaging is also great to be delivered safely. And talking of the nutritional value, it offers 140 calories per serving. 

On a different note, save the sauce jar in a cool and dry place. But if you want to store it after opening, refrigeration is a must. And don’t use it after three days of opening the jar.

Tikka Masala Cooking Sauce by Nummy Nibbles

Finally, let’s explore a mild cooking sauce from Nummy Nibbles, a leading name in the industry. It can literally produce the best Indian cuisine with an intense spicy blending. To explore more, let’s check out the top features first.

Looking for a tikka masala curry sauce that is 100% vegan? Look no further as we have one for you. This keto-friendly curry sauce is certified vegan.

 Top Features

  • A keto-friendly sauce with no added sugar
  • Suitable for vegetarian 
  • Completely dairy free
  • High-fructose-corn-syrup free
  • Silky seasoning with North Indian flavor
  • Made in the USA

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BrandNummy Nibbles
FlavorTikka Masala
Weight32 Ounces
Package InformationJar

Unlike most other masala sauces, it isn’t overwhelmed with cream and sugar. Still, it can compete with any contemporary jarred sauce with its silky savor. 

Moreover, the ready-to-use cooking sauce is absolutely delicious with traditional Indian cuisine. Prepare any veggies or protein recipes to your heart’s desire and you’ll get to know why it’s included in the top seven list of best tikka masala sauce jars.

Nummy Nibbles believes that cooking should be easy and fun. That’s why they came up with this “pour and go” jar from tangy tomato puree, ginger, and garlic. They not only let you make a quick carry but also a flavorful one. 

You get two jars, each of 16 ounces. Please note that you must refrigerate them once opened. And you can use them within ten days of opening. 

Best of all, the pure masala sauce goes well with rice, nun, noodles, and whatnot. Also, the all-natural ingredients are ready to blend well with veggies, lentils, chickpeas, paneer, butter chicken, etc.

Seeing guar gum in the ingredient list, people often misinterpret it as injurious to health. But don’t worry, it’s organic and used only less than 1%.

If you go through the flavor profile, the subtle mixture of cloves, nutmeg, and warm spices gives you a year-old traditional essence in any regional recipe.  

So, hurry up and add this amazing silky seasoning to your kitchen today!

What to Look for Before Buying Tikka Masala Sauce Jar

Well, there are a few things to notice when you are looking for jarred tikka masala curry sauce. Let’s go through the factors below so that you can make an informed purchase.


First, make sure to check the ingredient list. Only finely sourced components are preferable. Moreover, it’s the ingredients that decide the functionality and taste of a curry sauce. 

So, check out if the list suits your taste bud or not. Also, make sure to check if any of the ingredients cause any health risk or not, such as allergy.


Brand value does matter when buying any pantry product. But deciding on a particular brand or manufacturer is pretty overwhelming. That’s why you can check out our top listed names above to get the best quality cooking sauce. 

Customer Reviews

As most of the sauces come in a package containing multiple jars or bottles, having a prior idea of how they taste is great.  You shouldn’t just go for any sauce without checking old reviews. Old customer reviews tell a lot about ingredients, quality control, cooking procedure, recipes, etc.


While buying the best tikka masala sauce jar, price is an issue. You should look for the best package for the best price. As it makes preparing traditional dinner a breeze, the jars will be finished in no time. 

So, try to purchase the most affordable ones with the highest quality.

Spice Level

Based on your preferences, you should select the spice level. Some sauces are spicier, some are mild. If you love the heat and spice up, go for the intensely flavored ones. 

And if you have kids at home, mild masala seasonings are better in that case. Besides, they come without the risk of overpowering masala extract. 


Preparing traditional tikka masala sauces at home is surely fun. But that comes with a lot of extra hassles as well. So, people are more tempted to use ready-made curry sauces these days. 

However, jarred masala sauces are better on that note as you can store them for a while. Besides, they combine finely collected first-hand ingredients to carry out the authentic flavor.

The seven best tikka masala sauce jars above are carefully chosen to make your busy life easier. You can make a delicious meal just by mixing the sauce with chicken, veggies, or other proteins.

Hopefully, you would try them at home and share your experience. Happy cooking!